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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on www.lstsrv.ncep.noaa.gov. Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
_ncep.list.wpc-dtb [no description available]
Idp-announcement NCO IDP Announcement List
Idp.gis.admins [no description available]
Idp.gis.support [no description available]
Idp.gis.techcomm [no description available]
Idp.gis.users [no description available]
Idp_madis_users [no description available]
Mailman [no description available]
meg.infolist [no description available]
Mytestgrp.nco.users [no description available]
Ncep.awc.web.users AWC Web Users
Ncep.ensemble.workshop [no description available]
Ncep.hmon [no description available]
Ncep.list.awips-nco [no description available]
NCEP.List.BUFRLIB-Announce NCEP BUFRLIB Announcements Mailing List
NCEP.List.BUFRLIB-Support NCEP BUFRLIB Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.ccs_team CCS CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.cf_cm_team CF CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.cfcb Compute Farm Change Board
NCEP.List.COMPUTE-FARM Compute Farm Project Mailing list
ncep.list.CPC-OceanBriefing CPC-OceanBriefing
Ncep.list.cpc_aams AAMS
Ncep.list.cpc_afms AFMS
Ncep.list.cpc_jawf JAWF
Ncep.list.cpc_nams NAMS
Ncep.list.cpc_ops [no description available]
Ncep.list.cpc_sams SAMS
NCEP.List.CPC_STANDARDS CPC EPG Standards List-Serve
NCEP.List.CPC_Web_Team [no description available]
Ncep.list.ctb-seminar Climate TestBed Seminar
NCEP.List.Decoders-Announce NCEP Decoder Announcements Mailing List
NCEP.List.Decoders-Support NCEP Decoder Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.dellperot.contractors [no description available]
NCEP.List.EMC Federal EMC Employees
NCEP.List.EMC-Contractors Contracting EMC Personnel
Ncep.list.emc-hireswindow Enable easy communication about HiresWindow issues
NCEP.List.EMC-Visitors EMC Visiting Scientist
Ncep.list.emc.glopara-announce EMC Global Parallel Annoucements Mailing List
Ncep.list.emc.glopara-support EMC Global Parallel Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.emc.gsm_tickets [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.hireswindow [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.hrd.hwrf.hires EMC/HRD HWRF Communication List
Ncep.list.emc.hwrf.jtwc [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.hwrf.nhc HWRF Demos
NCEP.List.EMC.JCSDA_CRTM.Developers JCSDA CRTM Developers
Ncep.list.emc.monsoondesk [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.nam-feedback NAM feedback mailing list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs nceplibs project announcement list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs.Developers nceplibs project Developers list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs.Support nceplibs project Support list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs.Tickets nceplibs Trac project ticket list
Ncep.list.emc.nems.tickets [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.nmmb-questions-and-answers [no description available]
NCEP.List.EMC.NWPS Mailing list for the Nearshore Wave Prediction System
Ncep.list.emc.senior_staff [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.sref-feedback for feedback about NCEP SREF
NCEP.list.EMC.Utilities EMC Utilities Project List
NCEP.list.EMC.Utilities.Tickets EMC Utilities Tickets
NCEP.List.EMC_Porting-Announce Announcements Related to the EMC Porting Group
NCEP.List.EMC_Porting-Discuss EMC Porting Discussion List
NCEP.List.ENSO-Update CPC ENSO-Update
Ncep.list.extrange [no description available]
Ncep.list.fcstops [no description available]
Ncep.list.fv3-announce [no description available]
Ncep.list.gis_resources_team [no description available]
Ncep.list.grib-support [no description available]
Ncep.list.grouptravel [no description available]
Ncep.list.gsi_subversion GSI Subversion users list
Ncep.list.hmt-hpcspring [no description available]
NCEP.List.HWRF-B EMC/HRD HWRF-B Communication List
Ncep.list.idp-gis-status [no description available]
Ncep.list.idp.mrms.users IDP MRMS Data Customers
Ncep.list.idp.ngitws.users IDP NextGen IT/Web Services customers
Ncep.list.idp.wifs.users [no description available]
Ncep.list.idp_support IDP Onboarding SPAs within the IDSB
NCEP.List.Internet-Services-Announce NCEP Internet Services Announcements Mailing List
Ncep.list.longrange [no description available]
Ncep.list.madis_support IDSB MADIS Help Desk mailing list.
Ncep.list.mag-ic Model Analyses and Guidance - Inquiries and Collaboration
Ncep.list.meg Model evaluation group
Ncep.list.mmab_announce Announcements and information from the MMAB
NCEP.List.ModelEvalInfo NCO-Model Evaluation Info
Ncep.list.modelevalinfo-mdl [no description available]
Ncep.list.modelevalinfo-nos [no description available]
Ncep.list.ms3info [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncep.oracle [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncep.rhnsatuser [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncep_cm_special_announcements NCEP CM Special Announcements
NCEP.List.NCEPOUTAGES [no description available]
NCEP.List.NCO-Contractors NCO Contractors Mailing List
Ncep.list.nco.grib [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncofacilitiesteam [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncwcp-wan [no description available]
Ncep.list.nems.announce NEMS group announcements
Ncep.list.newsletter [no description available]
Ncep.list.nlets_support IDP NLETS Customer Support mailing list
NCEP.List.Nomads-Users Nomads Users Mailing List
Ncep.list.nopp.waves NOPP waves project mailing list
NCEP.List.NOS-ChartTileService-Status NOS Chart Tile Service Status
Ncep.list.nos-nowcoast-status NOAA/NOS nowCOAST Status Message Mailing List
Ncep.list.ntbn-nbuild [no description available]
Ncep.list.ntbn_nbuild Mailing list for weekly NTBN n-builds
Ncep.list.ntwc-rfcmemo NTWC RFC Memo
Ncep.list.nws-ncep-management [no description available]
Ncep.list.nws_dissemination_office NWS Office of Dissemination list serve
Ncep.list.nws_dissemination_office_contractors NWS Office of Dissemination - Contractors
Ncep.list.nws_dissemination_office_ftes NWS Office of Dissemination FTE Email List
Ncep.list.obsproc_subversion Email list for Obsproc Subversion
Ncep.list.obsproc_support EMC Obsproc Support
NCEP.List.OPC-support OPC Operations Support Team
Ncep.list.palmerdd list serve for the degree day and palmer products
Ncep.list.pmb-nonops [no description available]
Ncep.list.pmo [no description available]
Ncep.list.projectmanagers PMs
Ncep.list.property [no description available]
Ncep.list.ptwc-rfcmemo PTWC RFC Memo
Ncep.list.rd_team R&D CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.rtofs-users NCEP RTOFS Users Mailing List
Ncep.list.sib_cm_team SIB CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.sisb_cm_team SISB CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.sos OMB SOS Staff
NCEP.List.SP-Admin NCO IBM SP Support Mailing List
NCEP.List.SP-Support NCO IBM SP Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.spa-helpdesk to contact SPAs directly
Ncep.list.threats CPC U.S. Hazards Outlook Forum Mailing List
NCEP.List.TPC-Atlantic TPC Atlantic Mailing List
Ncep.list.tsbadmins [no description available]
Ncep.list.wcoss-transition [no description available]
Ncep.list.wpc-dtb [no description available]
Ncep.list.wpc-fob [no description available]
Ncep.list.wwatch3.developers Code developers for WWATCH3
Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group A WAVEWATCH III model discussion group
Ncep.list.wwatch3.users WAVEWATCH III users
Ncep.nco.pals Project Area Leads (PALs) for CyberData/NOAA/IWSB
Ncep.pmb.dm NCO Data Management
Nsb_maintenance_notify [no description available]
Radar2 [no description available]
Wcoss.science.quarterly [no description available]

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