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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on www.lstsrv.ncep.noaa.gov. Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
_ncep.list.wpc-dtb [no description available]
Idp-announcement NCO IDP Announcement List
Idp.gis.admins [no description available]
Idp.gis.support [no description available]
Idp.gis.techcomm [no description available]
Idp.gis.users [no description available]
Idp_madis_users [no description available]
Mailman [no description available]
meg.infolist [no description available]
Mytestgrp.nco.users [no description available]
Ncep.awc.web.users AWC Web Users
Ncep.ensemble.workshop [no description available]
Ncep.hmon [no description available]
Ncep.list.awips-nco [no description available]
NCEP.List.BUFRLIB-Announce NCEP BUFRLIB Announcements Mailing List
NCEP.List.BUFRLIB-Support NCEP BUFRLIB Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.ccs_team CCS CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.cf_cm_team CF CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.cfcb Compute Farm Change Board
Ncep.list.cmo Configuration Management Office
NCEP.List.COMPUTE-FARM Compute Farm Project Mailing list
ncep.list.CPC-OceanBriefing CPC-OceanBriefing
Ncep.list.cpc_aams AAMS
Ncep.list.cpc_afms AFMS
Ncep.list.cpc_jawf JAWF
Ncep.list.cpc_nams NAMS
Ncep.list.cpc_ops [no description available]
Ncep.list.cpc_sams SAMS
NCEP.List.CPC_STANDARDS CPC EPG Standards List-Serve
NCEP.List.CPC_Web_Team [no description available]
Ncep.list.cpcopcwpc-rfcmemo RFC Memo for CPC OPC WPC
Ncep.list.ctb-seminar Climate TestBed Seminar
Ncep.list.ctb-staff Climate TestBed Seminar Series
NCEP.List.Decoders-Announce NCEP Decoder Announcements Mailing List
NCEP.List.Decoders-Support NCEP Decoder Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.dellperot.contractors [no description available]
Ncep.list.dojo [no description available]
NCEP.List.EMC Federal EMC Employees
NCEP.List.EMC-Contractors Contracting EMC Personnel
Ncep.list.emc-hireswindow Enable easy communication about HiresWindow issues
NCEP.List.EMC-Visitors EMC Visiting Scientist
Ncep.list.emc.glopara-announce EMC Global Parallel Annoucements Mailing List
Ncep.list.emc.glopara-support EMC Global Parallel Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.emc.gsm_tickets [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.hireswindow [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.hrd.hwrf.hires EMC/HRD HWRF Communication List
Ncep.list.emc.hwrf.jtwc [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.hwrf.nhc HWRF Demos
NCEP.List.EMC.JCSDA_CRTM.Developers JCSDA CRTM Developers
Ncep.list.emc.monsoondesk [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.nam-feedback NAM feedback mailing list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs nceplibs project announcement list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs.Developers nceplibs project Developers list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs.Support nceplibs project Support list
NCEP.List.EMC.nceplibs.Tickets nceplibs Trac project ticket list
Ncep.list.emc.nems.tickets [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.nmmb-questions-and-answers [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.npsr NCEP Production Suite Review
NCEP.List.EMC.NWPS Mailing list for the Nearshore Wave Prediction System
Ncep.list.emc.senior_staff [no description available]
Ncep.list.emc.sref-feedback for feedback about NCEP SREF
NCEP.list.EMC.Utilities EMC Utilities Project List
NCEP.list.EMC.Utilities.Tickets EMC Utilities Tickets
NCEP.List.EMC_Porting-Announce Announcements Related to the EMC Porting Group
NCEP.List.EMC_Porting-Discuss EMC Porting Discussion List
Ncep.list.Ensemble-WKSHP [no description available]
NCEP.List.ENSO-Update CPC ENSO-Update
Ncep.list.extrange [no description available]
Ncep.list.fcstops [no description available]
Ncep.list.fv3-announce [no description available]
Ncep.list.gis_resources_team [no description available]
Ncep.list.grib-support [no description available]
Ncep.list.grouptravel [no description available]
Ncep.list.gsi_subversion GSI Subversion users list
Ncep.list.hmt-hpcspring [no description available]
NCEP.List.HWRF-B EMC/HRD HWRF-B Communication List
Ncep.list.idp-gis-status [no description available]
Ncep.list.idp.mrms.users IDP MRMS Data Customers
Ncep.list.idp.ngitws.users IDP NextGen IT/Web Services customers
Ncep.list.idp.wifs.users [no description available]
Ncep.list.idp_support IDP Onboarding SPAs within the IDSB
NCEP.List.Internet-Services-Announce NCEP Internet Services Announcements Mailing List
Ncep.list.longrange [no description available]
Ncep.list.madis_support IDSB MADIS Help Desk mailing list.
Ncep.list.mag-ic Model Analyses and Guidance - Inquiries and Collaboration
Ncep.list.meg Model evaluation group
Ncep.list.mmab_announce Announcements and information from the MMAB
NCEP.List.ModelEvalInfo NCO-Model Evaluation Info
Ncep.list.modelevalinfo-mdl [no description available]
Ncep.list.modelevalinfo-nos [no description available]
Ncep.list.ms3info [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncep.oracle [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncep.rhnsatuser [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncep.tsm [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncep_cm_special_announcements NCEP CM Special Announcements
NCEP.List.NCEPOUTAGES [no description available]
NCEP.List.NCO-Contractors NCO Contractors Mailing List
Ncep.list.nco.grib [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncoccbext NCO CCB Extended Partners
Ncep.list.ncofacilitiesteam [no description available]
Ncep.list.ncwcp-wan [no description available]
Ncep.list.nems.announce NEMS group announcements
Ncep.list.newsletter [no description available]
Ncep.list.nhc-rfcmemo NHC RFC Memo
Ncep.list.nlets_support IDP NLETS Customer Support mailing list
NCEP.List.Nomads-Users Nomads Users Mailing List
Ncep.list.nopp.waves NOPP waves project mailing list
NCEP.List.NOS-ChartTileService-Status NOS Chart Tile Service Status
Ncep.list.nos-nowcoast-status NOAA/NOS nowCOAST Status Message Mailing List
Ncep.list.ntbn-nbuild [no description available]
Ncep.list.ntbn_nbuild Mailing list for weekly NTBN n-builds
Ncep.list.ntwc-rfcmemo NTWC RFC Memo
Ncep.list.nws-ncep-management [no description available]
Ncep.list.nws_dissemination_office NWS Office of Dissemination list serve
Ncep.list.nws_dissemination_office_contractors NWS Office of Dissemination - Contractors
Ncep.list.nws_dissemination_office_ftes NWS Office of Dissemination FTE Email List
Ncep.list.obsproc_subversion Email list for Obsproc Subversion
Ncep.list.obsproc_support EMC Obsproc Support
NCEP.List.OPC Mailing list for all members of the Ocean Prediction Center.
Ncep.list.opc-idss OPC IDSS
Ncep.list.opc-idss-uscg-briefing-sa [no description available]
Ncep.list.opc-idss-uscg-d5 [no description available]
Ncep.list.opc-socialmedia [no description available]
NCEP.List.OPC-support OPC Operations Support Team
NCEP.List.OPC-webteam OPC Web Team
Ncep.list.palmerdd list serve for the degree day and palmer products
Ncep.list.pcp-st2-st4 [no description available]
Ncep.list.pmb-nonops [no description available]
Ncep.list.pmb_cm_team PMB CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.pmo [no description available]
Ncep.list.prelimmtgnotes Daily NCO 9 AM Meeting Notes
Ncep.list.projectmanagers PMs
Ncep.list.property [no description available]
Ncep.list.ptwc-rfcmemo PTWC RFC Memo
Ncep.list.rd_team R&D CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.rfcmemo NCO RFC Memo
Ncep.list.rtofs-users NCEP RTOFS Users Mailing List
NCEP.List.SIB-Contractors SDB Contractors
NCEP.List.SIB-Employees SDB Employees
Ncep.list.sib_cm_team SIB CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.sisb_cm_team SISB CM Functional Team
Ncep.list.sos OMB SOS Staff
NCEP.List.SP-Admin NCO IBM SP Support Mailing List
NCEP.List.SP-Rstprod NCEP Ristricted Data
NCEP.List.SP-Support NCO IBM SP Support Mailing List
Ncep.list.spa-helpdesk to contact SPAs directly
Ncep.list.threats CPC U.S. Hazards Outlook Forum Mailing List
NCEP.List.TPC-Atlantic TPC Atlantic Mailing List
Ncep.list.tsbadmins [no description available]
Ncep.List.Waves.Op Wave operations mailing list
Ncep.list.wcoss-transition [no description available]
Ncep.list.win_domain_admins [no description available]
Ncep.list.wpc-dtb [no description available]
Ncep.list.wpc-fob [no description available]
Ncep.list.wwatch3.developers Code developers for WWATCH3
Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group A WAVEWATCH III model discussion group
Ncep.list.wwatch3.users WAVEWATCH III users
Ncep.nco.pals Project Area Leads (PALs) for CyberData/NOAA/IWSB
Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts [no description available]
Ncep.pmb.dm NCO Data Management
Ncwcp.list.buildingoutages [no description available]
Nsb_maintenance_notify [no description available]
Radar2 [no description available]
Wcoss.science.quarterly [no description available]

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