[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Fwd: Symbolic links to be removed on Crays

Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 22 12:11:54 UTC 2017

NEMS developers,

See notice blow: many of the paths on the WCOSS Crays will cease to exist
on October 4.  I cannot guess what will break on that day, but something
definitely will.  I'll try to prepare the NEMS, but it is impossible to
test this until the symlinks are actually removed.

Sam Trahan

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From: Rebecca Cosgrove - NOAA Federal <rebecca.cosgrove at noaa.gov>
Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 7:30 PM
Subject: Symbolic links to be removed on Crays
To: "NCEP.List.WCOSS-Announce" <ncep.list.wcoss-announce at noaa.gov>

When we split the Cray filesystem into the separate hps, hps2 and hps3
filesystems, we put a safety net in place to give more time for everyone to
switch to the new filesystem paths.  These symbolic links we put in place
put extra IO traffic on the Crays, and we can not afford to spend that IO
for this purpose.

On *Wednesday October 4th* we will remove the following links in the left
column and you will need to use the proper hps filesystem name in your
path.  The full paths are listed below in the right column.  Please make
the necessary changes between now and the 4th.

/gpfs/hps/awc     -> /gpfs/hps2/awc
/gpfs/hps/cpc     -> /gpfs/hps2/cpc
/gpfs/hps/cray    -> /gpfs/hps2/cray
/gpfs/hps/emc     -> /gpfs/hps3/emc
/gpfs/hps/esrl    -> /gpfs/hps2/esrl
/gpfs/hps/ibm     -> /gpfs/hps2/ibm
/gpfs/hps/mdl     -> /gpfs/hps3/mdl
/gpfs/hps/nhc     -> /gpfs/hps3/nhc
/gpfs/hps/nos     -> /gpfs/hps3/nos
/gpfs/hps/nwc     -> /gpfs/hps3/nwc
/gpfs/hps/opc     -> /gpfs/hps2/opc
/gpfs/hps/spc     -> /gpfs/hps2/spc
/gpfs/hps/swpc    -> /gpfs/hps3/swpc
/gpfs/hps/tsunami -> /gpfs/hps2/tsunami
/gpfs/hps/wpc     -> /gpfs/hps2/wpc
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