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Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 28 15:18:09 UTC 2017

NEMS and FV3 developers,

There will be some major changes to filesystems on the WCOSS Crays next
week.  This means will will need to change a number of scripts,
modulefiles, and configuration files in order to continue work on those
machines.  You should expect a few days of adjustment from the core
developers of various models and frameworks.  We have planned for this
change, but such major changes to WCOSS tend to have unexpected

Sam Trahan

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Subject: [Ncep.list.wcoss-announce] Reminders for next week's work --
action probably needed
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As a reminder, next week IBM will take the entire Reston system to
reconfigure the Cray filesystem into 3 separate filesystems.  A few
important things for users to note and possibly do:

1)  /gpfs/hps/ptmp and /gpfs/hps/stmp on Luna will be deleted on July 5th.
All data will be lost.  Please plan accordingly.

2)  Please delete any unneeded data in your save or noscrub spaces.  All of
this must be copied off the Cray and then back on, so the less data there
is to move, the sooner we all can have Tide/Luna back.

3)  When Luna comes back around the 8th, all of the non-NCO directories
will have been moved to either the /gpfs/hps2 or /gpfs/hps3 filesystems.
And there will now be 3 separate ptmp/stmp directories.  You will need to
make modifications.  The new filesystems are listed here:

This also serves as your Friday weekly email.  Seemed like enough work for
one week, so nothing else is scheduled.


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