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Shrinivas Moorthi - NOAA Federal shrinivas.moorthi at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 14 12:46:31 UTC 2015

Hello All,
   I have made many changes to NEMS/GSM with bug fixes, enhanced features
and new physics options.  Code changes are documented in  NEMS trac ticket
#141 and GSM trac ticket #74.  The GSM ticket is being reviewd  by Jun Wang.
Although my intent was not to change any nmmb code, I did find a bug in
"post_nmm.F90" for the call to MICROINIT which was missing the argument of
"imp_physics" which I added.

My working directory on tide is at
for anyone who wants to review.
Code has passed 48 regression test (I had to bypass GFS_DFI_POST test -
since there is still some bug related to post implementation).


Dr. Shrinivas Moorthi
Research Meteorologist
Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch
Environmental Modeling Center / National Centers for Environmental
5830 University Research Court - (W/NP23), College Park MD 20740 USA
Tel: (301)683-3718

e-mail: Shrinivas.Moorthi at noaa.gov
Phone:  (301) 683-3718   Fax: (301) 683-3718
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