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As a follow up to HQ guidance on travel, here is the process for NCEP
short-term travel until further guidance is provided:

1) prepare a TA for travel in E2 as an arranger

2) provide a screen shot from E2 of the accounting screen that shows value
and accounting code and email that to Adena Fritz

3) Adena will provide to NWS CFO

Please note that travel should be considered important or "reasonable" as
noted in HQ guidance below. Also, no payments for vouchers will be made
until CBS is functional.


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Mary Erickson

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Short-term Travel Guidance


NWS Managers

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For the next 2-3 weeks travel will have to spin up slowly, given the
constraints that remain from not having our electronic financial systems in
place to record obligations and make payments.

What we would like you to ensure:


   We can use the E2 system to book, ticket, and get supervisory approval for

   ALL TRAVEL that is authorized will need to print a copy from E2 and
   deliver this to the NWS CFO team led by Nick Bagwell
   <nicholas.bagwell at noaa.gov> and Curt Neidhart <curtis.neidhart at noaa.gov>
   for manual recording.  (Delivery can be by hand, or scan the document and
   send in by email.)

   Reminder that NO payments for vouchers will be made until after the CBS
   system is fully functional 2-3 weeks from now.  Given this, we can be
   flexible if travelers are uncomfortable in the short term adding to their
   credit card.

A few guidelines on constrained travel:


   We are taking the next 2-3 weeks to spin up, and do NOT expect business
   as usual.  If you are unsure, get a quick check through your chain of

   Selected Examples of Reasonable Travel:

      Resuming key IDSS travel

      Backfill at short-staffed office to maintain critical operations

      Addressing backlogs on repairs and preventative maintenance hindered
      by shutdown travel difficulties

      Selected and prioritized International Travel

      Planning for the resumption of training at the Training Center
      starting Feb. 25


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