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Center Travel Approvers:

See below for helpful information on how to approve documents in E2.

*How do I approve an authorization?*

1.      Click *My Approvals* on the task bar. A list of documents pending
your approval appears.

2.      (Optional) Expand the Filter Options, select Travel Authorizations
from the *Document Type* list, and click *Apply Filter* to filter your list.

3.      Locate the authorization on the list and click *Show*. The *Summary*
 page appears.

4.      Make sure that the authorization is locked to you for approval. (A
document must be locked to you before you can take any action, such as
approve it or return it to the traveler for revision.) The document
is locked to you if the Unlock link appears in the OTHER ACTIONS section,
on the left side of the page. (An Unlock button also appears at the bottom
on the page. The button and the link perform the same function.)

·        If the document is not locked to you, click the *Lock* link in
OTHER ACTIONS (or the *Lock* button at the bottom of the page).

·        If no Lock or Unlock links or buttons appear, another approver in
the routing pool has the document locked for action. You cannot take any
actions, but you can review document information.

*Tip*: The Lock link and the Lock button perform the same function. You can
use either one.

5.      Review each section of the *Summary* page. Click *View
Details* or *Edit
Details* in each section to see more detailed information or make changes.

6.      Click *Approve* to approve the authorization. If you are the final
approver and the authorization includes a request for a travel
advance, the *Confirm
Action* window requires you to either approve the advance or reject the
advance. (You can approve the authorization but reject the advance request.)

*How do I approve a voucher?*

1.      Click *My Approvals* on the task bar.

2.      Locate the document on the list and click *Show*. The *Summary* page

*Tip*: Expand the Filter Options to limit the list of documents based on
selected criteria.

3.      If the document is not locked to you, click *Lock* in OTHER ACTIONS.

4.      Review the voucher.

·        Click *Edit Details* in any section to make changes to the
voucher. (If there is a *View Details* link, you cannot make changes to
information in that section.)

·        Return to the *Summary* page when you are finished.

5.      Click *Approve*, and then click *Confirm*.

View the computer-based tutorial
<https://e2.gov.cwtsatotravel.com/help/cbt/CBT45/player.html>, or see the user
<https://e2.gov.cwtsatotravel.com/help/ug/ets2_ug45_approving_vouchers.pdf> or
the quick reference material
for more information.

CBTs may require Adobe Flash® Player. You can download Adobe Flash Player
at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. Guides and quick reference cards are
PDF documents. You can download Adobe® PDF Reader at

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