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AMS extended the early registration fee deadline through Jan 11. Please
have your AMS travelers register by Jan 11.


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Update from AMS...they have extended the early bird rate through 11 January.

Darone Jones
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> Greetings Group Travel POCs,
> We just received word that DOC signed the NOAA Group travel package to the
> AMS Annual meeting in Seattle.  Please spread the word to all appropriate
> channels and include the below information. Of note, the drops/swaps are
> now complete. We were able to accommodate all of that were on the wait list.
> A few reminders regarding your travel request:
>    -
>    The AMS Registration Fee must be included in your travel authorization
>    and charged to your individual travel cards.  The Commerce Acquisition
>    Manual (CAM) prohibits charging individual travel related costs to a
>    government purchase card and the AMS fee includes meal costs - see below.
>    You may register online at https://annual.ametsoc.org/2017/.
>    -
>    Adjust M&IE allowance for travel days:  As required by the Federal
>    Travel Regulation, please ensure that the M&IE allowance for the first and
>    last days of your travel are set at 75% of the allowable M&IE.
>    -
>    Adjust M&IE allowance for meals:  A dinner will be served during the
>    AMS Awards Banquet that be held on Wednesday, January 25th.  Also, a
>    continental breakfast will be served on Thursday morning in the exhibit
>    hall.  Since the cost of these two meals is included in the registration
>    fee, the daily M&IE allowance for each day should be reduced as follows:
>    -
>       For the awards banquet dinner, each traveler’s M&IE should be
>       reduced by $34.00 for that day per instructions on the GSA M&IE website.
>       -
>       For the Thursday morning breakfast, M&IE should be reduced by
>       $17.00.
>       -
>    In Travel Manager, travel preparers should identify the GSA travel
>    code as "Non-Government Sponsored Conference."
>    -
>    If you are an NWS employee, please ensure that "PF2" is identified as
>    the task code in the accounting string.
>    -
>    Travel cards (Individually Billed Accounts) are not exempt from
>    Washington State tax so there is no form to provide the hotel.  You will
>    need to include the state tax for lodging in your travel authorization.
>     https://smartpay.gsa.gov/content/state-tax-information
>    <https://smartpay.gsa.gov/content/state-tax-information>
>    -
>    Record actual costs:  Once your travel is complete, please note your
>    ACTUAL travel expenses on the far right side of the Google sheet
>    <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14kCPeFYjjEvRVcVhGt36CSaD5X_5gLrio4fI_PXa5lk/edit#gid=360683900>
>    (columns highlighted in yellow).  Also, per NOAA policy, please be sure to
>    retain a copy of the travel voucher including invoices from your travel
>    card or purchase card per your office's document retention policy.  This
>    information will be needed if NOAA or DOC elect to audit our actual costs.
> --
> Darone Jones
> Deputy Chief of Staff
> National Weather Service
> Office: 301-427-6905 <(301)%20427-6905>
> Cell: 301-960-5312 <(301)%20960-5312>
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