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FYI, making sure Center Travel Preparers received this message regarding
travel to Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam...

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*Exception to Travel Advisory 17-2: Transition to E2 Solutions, Travel
Management System *

As you know, Travel Advisory 17-2 (see attached) was issued December 23,
2016 to provide dates and guidance for how and when to book travel during
the period leading up to the E2 Travel Solutions cutover on May 22nd.
Recently, the Finance Office has been contacted by various offices who need
to travel beyond these dates to or from remote areas where flights are
limited and are filling up quickly.  In these cases, the offices are
seeking guidance on how to reserve tickets before seats are gone.

As a result, the NOAA Finance Office has worked with the Department of
Commerce, CWT (the E2 software vendor), and SATO travel to develop guidance
that will allow users traveling to/from areas with limited airline service
to book reservations outside the normal process.  For now, these areas have
been defined as Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam.  Other areas may be considered on
a case by case basis.  Please contact the Client Services Help Desk if you
need to travel to/from a location with limited service other than those
listed above, so that we may work with the Department.

The following process is to be applied *ONLY* if you are traveling to/from
one of the areas listed above *AND* you have legitimate cause to believe
that available flights are so limited that following the guidance in Travel
Advisory 17-2 would result in a failure to obtain a seat.

*Refundable Tickets*

   - Book your reservation through SATO
   - Retain your Confirmation Number
   - After May 22nd, create your trip authorization in E2 and manually
   retrieve your reservation information using your confirmation number

*Non-Refundable Tickets or Advanced Ticketing Situations*

   - Book your reservation through SATO
   - Prepare your trip authorization using the paper CD-29 form
   - Submit your signed and approved CD-29 to SATO for ticketing
   - Take your trip
   - Create your voucher using the paper CD-370 form
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