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FYI, as a reminder, please see security requirements for official travel to

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Please redistribute the information below to staff who may travel to Africa
and to your travel specialists.  I just received an email from a traveler
going to South Africa next month who's ECC was denied because they had not
taken the HTSOS.



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Subject: NEW SECURITY Requirements for Official Travel to Africa
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 12:16:41 -0400
From: Caroline Corvington <caroline.corvington at noaa.gov>
<caroline.corvington at noaa.gov>
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<ethan.jessup at noaa.gov>, Darlene Roberts - NOAA Affiliate
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FYI - please distribute.  IAO's travel team (Ethan and Darlene) will also
distribute to their travel contacts.

 For Travel to Africa.  Details are in in bold in Brian Hall's email at

   - Tips from Caroline....
   - In order to get the link for the course you will need to enroll in the
      course by completing the SF-182 in full.
      - There is a fee associated with the SF-182
      - It should take 3-5 days for FSI to enroll you/provide you with a
      password, however given the new requirement and increase requests it may
      take longer.  If that is the case and someone has a trip coming up, call
      and email FSI.
      - When you complete the course make sure to PRINT the certificate.
      - ECC will not be approved without proof (certificate) you have taken
      the course.
      - Call FSI  703-302-7137 if you have questions they are very helpful.

On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 9:33 AM, Travis Grout - NOAA Affiliate <
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> Dear IAC colleagues -
> Please flag this for any in your office that may travel to Africa this
> year.  The online High Threat Security Overseas course is now required for
> all USG travelers going *anywhere* in Africa.  Although the language
> below refers to "TDYers," this requirement applies to all official USG
> travel to Africa (even for a meeting that lasts only a day or two).
> Cheers -
> Travis
> ************************************************************
> ***************************************
> From: Hall, Brian G
>> Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2016 3:45 PM
>> To: Hall, Brian G
>> Subject: Official Travel to Africa? Read this please!
>> *Good Afternoon,*
>> * Please be advised: the online High Threat Security Overseas (HTSOS)<**http://reg.fsi.state.gov/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=HT401
>> <http://reg.fsi.state.gov/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=HT401>**>
>> course is now required for all U.S. government official TDY travelers
>> heading anywhere in Africa for less than 45 days, and the Foreign Affairs
>> Counter-Threat (FACT)<**http://reg.fsi.state.sbu/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=OT611
>> <http://reg.fsi.state.sbu/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=OT611>*
>> *> course is required for any traveler to anywhere in Africa for more
>> than 45 days.  We're providing this info after seeing several interagency
>> travelers get their eCCs denied because they weren't aware of the
>> regulation.  If you're already aware of the regulation, please just make
>> sure your colleagues are also aware.*
>> * High Threat Security Overseas, or HTSOS, is a five-hour online course
>> that is required for anyone at any Post in Africa for less than 45 days in
>> a calendar year.  You should be able to sign up here<**http://reg.fsi.state.gov/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=HT401
>> <http://reg.fsi.state.gov/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=HT401>*
>> *>. Unfortunately the info on the site is out of date, and actually ALL
>> Sub-Saharan African countries should be listed.  The info also says to fax
>> your application, but you should instead email it to
>> FSIRegistrarHT401 at State.gov <FSIRegistrarHT401 at State.gov><mailto:**FSIRegistrarHT401 at State.gov
>> <FSIRegistrarHT401 at State.gov>*
>> *>.  For any questions, please call FSI at **703-302-6961 <703-302-6961>*
>> *.*
>> * TDYers going for longer than 45 days need to take a week-long in-person
>> training course that lasts a week and is called the Foreign Affairs
>> Counter-Threat course<**http://reg.fsi.state.sbu/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=OT611
>> <http://reg.fsi.state.sbu/dstc/CourseCatalog.aspx?EventId=OT611>*
>> *>, or FACT.  It is also commonly referred to as "crash and bang."  For
>> most of you, the HTSOS online course will be the best option that will
>> allow you to comply with the regulation and continue doing your TDYs to
>> South Africa and elsewhere in Africa.  Again, you should submit your
>> requests via email but to FSIRegistrarOT611 at State.gov
>> <FSIRegistrarOT611 at State.gov><mailto:**FSIRegistrarOT611 at State.gov
>> <FSIRegistrarOT611 at State.gov>**>.*
>> Third-party contractors and other types of employees all have different
>> regulations as detailed in the spreadsheet below.  Military personnel are
>> exempt.  I hope this helps avoid any future issues for you and those in
>> your agency who travel to beautiful South Africa!
>> Kind Regards,
>> Brian
>> Brian Hall
>> South Africa Desk Officer
>> U.S. Department of State
>> Office of Southern African Affairs
>> 202-647-9838 | HallBG at State.gov<mailto:HallBG at State.gov>

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