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FYI, please share with those attending the AGU conference....

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Hi everyone,

I have been getting many emails asking for updates regarding the travel
package for AGU.  The package is currently still under review by DOC.
There were some questions and revision requests that came in last week.  We
made changes to the documents that they requested and answered all of their
questions.  We are still waiting.  I will let everyone know as soon as we
receive word that it's been approved.

Please note that I was notified to remind all NOAA travelers that you
should not be paying occupancy taxes while in CA.  Please see below for a
few reminders from GSA.

*Am I exempt from state taxes in CA?*

*IBA/ Gov't Travel Card* - IBA/Gov't travel cards are subject to sales tax
but might be exempt from occupancy tax depending on county policy.

*What forms if any will I need?*
California does not require the presentation of any forms or documentation
to qualify for tax exemption at the state level. At the county level,
however, there may be required forms.

*Are there any additional information or instructions**?*

California hotels may charge an occupancy tax and this tax is determined by
each COUNTY, not the state. Please visit the county's website prior to
traveling for more information. In addition, we encourage all travelers to
call their hotel in advance to confirm what documentation or forms are
required to qualify for occupany tax exemption.

Part (a) of California Regulation 1614 clarifies California's policy on CBA
and IBA tax exemption:

"Where payment for tangible personal property sold or consumed in this
state is made partly by the United States or its instrumentalities and
partly by nonexempt persons, the payment is exempt to the extent of the
United States' or its instrumentality's share provided it is made directly
to the vendor by the United States or its instrumentality. If the nonexempt
party makes full payment and then seeks reimbursement from the United
States or its instrumentality, the entire amount is taxable even though the
United States or its instrumentality may reimburse the party in full or in

*PLEASE* also note that there is a* Annual 5K Fun Run & Walk on **Wednesday,
December 14**th*. NOAA employees may *not* to participate in this event.

Lastly, NOAA travelers may not finalize any plans until the travel package
is approved by DOC.  Again, we will let everyone know the moment it is
approved.  Please forward this to anyone who I may have missed.

Thank you,


Genene Fisher, PhD
Executive Officer
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
301-683-1323 office
301-452-7366 cell
genene.fisher at noaa.gov
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