[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] NEMSfv3gfs/FV3 repo update after NESCC maintenance

Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate jun.wang at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 7 15:09:16 UTC 2017

Dear all,

During today's NESCC maintenance, there are several new versions of
software available  including ESMF library (Please see a full list of
changes below). NEMSfvegfs/FV3 VLAB gerrit git repositories  need to be
updated to use the modified ESMF module after the maintenance. The updates
will be committed tomorrow morning. Please note that after the maintenance
the code may not work on theia without the updates. Thanks!


Nov 7, 2017 Maintenance

   - *Rocoto*: The default version of rocoto has been changed from
   rocoto/1.2.3 to *rocoto/1.2.4 *. The RELEASE NOTES associated with this
   release can be found here:
   - *The ESMF library and modules*:
   - Applications using the ESMF library will require the use of slightly
      modified esmf modules when compiling these applications. This is needed
      because of a regression caused by the updates to some of the underlying
      libraries. The symptom of this regression is that applications using the
      SVML library (with the flag “-lsvml”) are failing. In our current
      environment, this is primarily affecting applications that use “
      esmf.mk” file in their build process. In order to work around this
      problem you will have to use a slightly different set of ESMF modules.
      Shown below are the recommended substitutions:
      - esmf/3.1.0rp5 should be replaced by * esmf/3.1.0rp5-svml-fix *
         - esmf/5.2.0rp3 should be replaced by * esmf/5.2.0rp3-svml-fix *
         - esmf/6.3.0rp1 should be replaced by * esmf/6.3.0rp1-svml-fix *
         - esmf/7.0.0 should be replaced by * esmf/7.0.2 *
         - Please note that esmf/7.0.0-does-not-work is left in place, but
         should not be used as it will not work.
         - *Emacs editor*: Currently there is a known issue with the emacs
   editor that comes with the system. As a workaround *xemacs * has been
   installed on the system until we have a fix from the vendor.
   - *Matlab/2017*: The latest version of MATLAB is now available. Please
   load the * matlab/R2017b * to access this version.
   - *Intel 2018 Parallel Studio*: The latest version of the Intel compiler
   suite has been installed on Theia. Please use the following module to
   access this version: * intel/18.0.128. <http://18.0.128.> * * Please
   note that only minimal testing has been done with this version of the
   compiler. Please report any issues found with this version.
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