[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] NEMSfv3gfs/FV3 repo update after NESCC maintenance

Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate jun.wang at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 8 14:54:14 UTC 2017

The NEMSfv3gfs git repo is updated. Please merge to the latest master (  %git
pull origin/master). to get the latest change. Thanks.


On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 10:09 AM, Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate <
jun.wang at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Dear all,
> During today's NESCC maintenance, there are several new versions of
> software available  including ESMF library (Please see a full list of
> changes below). NEMSfvegfs/FV3 VLAB gerrit git repositories  need to be
> updated to use the modified ESMF module after the maintenance. The updates
> will be committed tomorrow morning. Please note that after the maintenance
> the code may not work on theia without the updates. Thanks!
> Jun
> Nov 7, 2017 Maintenance
>    - *Rocoto*: The default version of rocoto has been changed from
>    rocoto/1.2.3 to *rocoto/1.2.4 *. The RELEASE NOTES associated with
>    this release can be found here: https://github.com/
>    christopherwharrop/rocoto/blob/master/RELEASE_NOTES.md
>    <https://github.com/christopherwharrop/rocoto/blob/master/RELEASE_NOTES.md>
>    - *The ESMF library and modules*:
>    - Applications using the ESMF library will require the use of slightly
>       modified esmf modules when compiling these applications. This is needed
>       because of a regression caused by the updates to some of the underlying
>       libraries. The symptom of this regression is that applications using the
>       SVML library (with the flag “-lsvml”) are failing. In our current
>       environment, this is primarily affecting applications that use “
>       esmf.mk” file in their build process. In order to work around this
>       problem you will have to use a slightly different set of ESMF modules.
>       Shown below are the recommended substitutions:
>       - esmf/3.1.0rp5 should be replaced by * esmf/3.1.0rp5-svml-fix *
>          - esmf/5.2.0rp3 should be replaced by * esmf/5.2.0rp3-svml-fix *
>          - esmf/6.3.0rp1 should be replaced by * esmf/6.3.0rp1-svml-fix *
>          - esmf/7.0.0 should be replaced by * esmf/7.0.2 *
>          - Please note that esmf/7.0.0-does-not-work is left in place,
>          but should not be used as it will not work.
>          - *Emacs editor*: Currently there is a known issue with the
>    emacs editor that comes with the system. As a workaround *xemacs * has
>    been installed on the system until we have a fix from the vendor.
>    - *Matlab/2017*: The latest version of MATLAB is now available. Please
>    load the * matlab/R2017b * to access this version.
>    - *Intel 2018 Parallel Studio*: The latest version of the Intel
>    compiler suite has been installed on Theia. Please use the following module
>    to access this version: * intel/18.0.128. <http://18.0.128.> * * Please
>    note that only minimal testing has been done with this version of the
>    compiler. Please report any issues found with this version.
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