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Ashok Karumuri ashok at tropmet.res.in
Thu Jan 30 04:57:36 UTC 2014

Hi All,

(i) I am posting a query from  my colleague Prajeesh (see below). Any clarifications will be appreciated.

(ii) For some reason, his emails requesting for registration with monsoon desk seem to drop dead. Could the list managers register A. G. Prajeesh <prajeesh.cat at tropmet.res.in> of the IITM in the monsoon mission  mailing list, so that he can directly receive communications, and post his queries as a member?

Thanks in advance, and best regards

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Subject: ffmm_cc & ffhh_cc: queries to monsoon mailing list

Dear sir, 

I have two queries to make to the monsoon mailing list (or preferably directly to Sreenivas Moorthy). Please post these queries to mailing list? 

First one : What are these variables ffmm_cc, ffhh_cc, which are send from GFS to the coupler. 

Second one: These variables ffmm_cc and ffhh_cc are passed to a custom subroutine mo_drag_cpl_1d as fm, ft, fq (fm=ffmm_cc,ft=fq=ffhh_c) which replaces the actual subroutine mo_drag_1d of MOM4 in monin_obukhov.f90. Why the actual mo_drag_1d of MOM4 was replaced with mo_drag_cpl_1d? 

Thank you 


Prajeesh A G 
Scientist 'B' 
Pune, India 
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