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Hi Partha,

Here are the answers:

(1) We did it because of the mismatch of the mask between MOM and GFS 
grids we created, when MOM indicates no-ocean but GFS requires ocean, 
this is done. This occurs because of the difference in MOM/GFS 
resolution and/or grid, and also due to the fine tuning of the MOM grid 
mask (to eliminate some grids that caused stability issue for long-run).

If the mask match each other there is no need to do this. If the land 
model grid is outside the GFS, and is tiled with MOM ocean grid there is 
no need to do this neither.

There might be other solution for this issue but that was what we did 
for the CFSv2.

(2) Find out the mismatch points above.

Hope this helps.


On 2/5/2014 11:01 AM, Partha Bhattacharjee - NOAA Affiliate wrote:
> Hi Xingren,
>  I received this email (see below) today morning from India about CFS 
> coupler.  Would you be able to provide any guidance on this inquiry?
>  Thanks.
>  Partha
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> I have a query to make with Monsoon mail list, kindly post this to the 
> mailing list.
> cfs coupler use an ascii file named MOM4LND_ GFSOCN containing grid 
> index values. These index values are then used to replace the t_ sst 
> coming from ocean to t_ sfc , fice to fi _fix, hice to hi_fix:
> t_ sst ( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k)) = t_fix( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k))
> fice ( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k))  = fi _fix( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k))
> hice ( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k))  = hi_fix( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k))
> where nxmomlnd and nymomlnd are the index values read from MOM4LND_ 
> Now, my doubt is:
> 1) Why are these replacements needed?
> 2) How to make this MOM4LND_ GFSOCN file?
> Thanks...
> Regards..
> Prajeesh A G
> Scientist 'B'
> Pune , India
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