[Ncep.list.emc.monsoondesk] energy budget in CFSv2

Roxy Mathew Koll roxy at tropmet.res.in
Wed Feb 12 05:55:31 UTC 2014

From: Prajeesh A.G CAT [mailto:prajeesh.cat at tropmet.res.in] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 10:58 AM
Subject: query to Monsoon desk

I have a query to Monsoon desk. Please post it to the mailing list.

I was trying to calculate the energy budget at the surface of the atmosphere in CFSv2.
I did it like this..


All are surface quantities

LHTFL - Latent heat flux
SHTFL - Sensible heat flux
ULWRF - Up-ward long wave radiation
USWRF - Up-ward short wave radiation
DLWRF - Downward long wave radiation
DSWRF - Downward short wave radiation
GFLUX - Ground Heat Flux

But, I have a doubt in the sign convention of GFLUX. 
In the land part it is calculated as -ve into the ground from surface (refer sfc_drv.f line no: 405)

And in Sea Ice part in GFS (sfc_sice.f) it is calculated as:
gflux(i) = k12(i) * (stsice(i,1) - tice(i))

where stsice - temp @ the mid point of the ice layer
tice - Sea-Ice surface temperature.

That mean +ve into the Ice (Ground)

So GFLUX have different sign conventions on LAND and Sea-Ice.

Is this correct? Or Is there anything wrong in my understanding?


Prajeesh A G
Scientist 'B'
Pune, India

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