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Ashok Karumuri ashok at tropmet.res.in
Wed Feb 5 06:05:53 UTC 2014

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I have a query to make with Monsoon mail list, kindly post this to the mailing list. 

cfs coupler use an ascii file named MOM4LND_ GFSOCN containing grid index values. These index values are then used to replace the t_ sst coming from ocean to t_ sfc , fice to fi _fix, hice to hi_fix: 
t_ sst ( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k)) = t_fix( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k)) 
fice ( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k))  = fi _fix( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k)) 
hice ( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k))  = hi_fix( nxmomlnd (k), nymomlnd (k)) 

where nxmomlnd and nymomlnd are the index values read from MOM4LND_ GFSOCN . 

Now, my doubt is: 
1) Why are these replacements needed? 
2) How to make this MOM4LND_ GFSOCN file? 



Prajeesh A G 
Scientist 'B' 
Pune , India 

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