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#11: Cycling workflow.
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Comment (by russ.treadon@…):


 Commit changes in four categories:

 1. Add ''KEEPDATA'' option to {{{arch.sh}}}, {{{earc.sh}}}, and
 {{{drive_makeprepbufr.sh}}}.   When ''KEEPDATA'' is ''YES'', retain the
 temporary run directory upon successful job completion.   When ''KEEPDATA
 = NO'', remove temporary run directory upon successful job completion.
 Default value for ''KEEPDATA'' is ''NO''

 2. Replace ''-cc depth'' with ''cfp'' in WCOSS_C definition of
 ''APRUN_DWN'' in {{{WCOSS_C.env}}}.   With ''cfp'', aprun executes
 downstream script in parallel - thereby reducing job run time.  Update the
 setting of ''launcher'' in the WCOSS_C section of
 {{{fv3gfs_downstream_nems.sh}}} to retain ''APRUN_DWN''.

 3. Increase ''epos'' wall time from 45 minutes to 2 hours in
 {{{config.resources}}}.   An increased wall time is necessary when
 spectrally smoothing fields in EnKF atmospheric forecast files.

 4. Update default values for FV3GFS forecast model namelist parameters in

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