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#14: Modify global_chgres to output NSST data in NetCDF format
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Comment (by xu.li@…):

 Hi, George,

 Nice to know the NSST chgres with FV3 is making progress!

 As we ever talked about, can you make the following two things be true (or
 you may have done it):

 1. For two NSST variables, keep valid values for non-water grids.
    Generally, NSST is valid for water surface only, but it is better to do
 above for these two variables.

    (1) tref, the non-water grids have the identical values to the surface
 temperature in sfc file.
    (2) xz, just assigned as 30.0 meter every where for non-water surface
 as original (or model output)

 2. Keep the same order of the variables as the original (or model output)

    We know, the order doesn't matter when reading with nemsio or netCDF,
 but still nice to have the same order, and also good in some applications
 such as comparison with plotting.
    And the current global_chgres changes the variable order, for sig


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