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Jessica Meixner - NOAA Affiliate jessica.meixner at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 20 17:43:34 UTC 2017

WWIII Notes- Weds, Sept 20, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Here are the notes from today’s call.  Stelios presented on wave DA at
NOAA, which included GIS, LETKF, a description of ww3_upstr and results.
For any follow-up questions please feel free to email Stelios
(stylianos.flampouris at noaa.gov).

The code freeze for svn will occur on October 3rd so please get any changes
in as soon as possible and don't forget to sign up for a GIT/VLAB account
at: https://goo.gl/forms/QVVWq3a14jC2lrL53

We also discussed that the MAPSTA values for triangular grid bounadry
points are not being properly initialized to 2 (they are 1) w3triamd.ftn.  For
anyone using the trunk with boundary conditions, please be mindful of this
issue.  Regtest ww3_tp2.7 will test this feature.

We also started a discussion on the issue of specifying boundary types and
nodal point values (such as grain size) for unstructured meshes in WW3.
This concerns not only having a tool to specify these values but also the
what the input file format should be.  One tool that might be used to
generate these files is a commercial software by Aqueveo called SMS.  An
option for the input files could be to move from gmsh to fort.14 type
files, which are commonly used in hydrodynamic models.  A description of
fort.14 files can be found at
and a description of the correspondnig nodal attribute file can be found at
  It could also be possible to store this information in gmsh type
formats.  Due to time restraints we did not finish this conversation and
will be having a follow on conversation on this topic.  For those
interested in participating in this follow up call discussing unstructured
grid input file formats and tools please let me know if any of the
following days at 10am Eastern would work:

Wed 9/27

Thur 9/28

Fri 10/6

Thur 10/12

Our next development call will be October 18th and we will discuss coupling
with WW3.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or issues.



Jessica Meixner
IMSG Support Scientist
NCEP/EMC Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
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