[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WWIII Developer Meeting Minutes -- Wed, March 15, 2017

Jessica Meixner - NOAA Affiliate jessica.meixner at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 15 17:36:10 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for our meeting today.  For those of
you who missed us, here are the meeting notes:



   We discussed Stefan’s changes for restart files to be read with ‘STREAM’
   instead of ‘DIRECT’ access.  The motivation for this was so that it would
   remove the dependency on RECL and the need for the -assume byterecl flag
   for Intel.  However, it was brought up by Tim that in the past STREAM was
   not supported by all compilers.  So we need to test on multiple platforms
   (not just ours here).  The branch is restart_update if anyone would like to
   test on their platform and make sure this works.  If you have other
   concerns about moving from DIRECT to STREAM please let me know.  It was
   also mentioned by Bash that it would be nice to move from restart00N.ww3
   naming convention to actually adding a date as part of the file name.

   Other code updates: Testing and development is continuing on the
   implicit scheme for unstructured grids, Stefan has optimized the partition
   tracking which is also being tested, and at EMC we are working on the
   directional singularity for tripolar grids and updating the restart file
   for DA.

SVN Clean up:


   The doc_edits branch will be deleted today, it will be replaced by
   doc_edits_v6.  Please put any new updates for document edits there.

   I’m also trying to clean up the svn properties on the branches as well
   as just deleting unused branches.  What do you need to do for your branch?

      If you have active work on your branch?

         Let me know you have active work on this branch and we will leave
         it as is

         Continue the merge/syncing process as before keeping track of the
         revision numbers

      No active work or any new work:

         Delete the branch and create a new one (only if there will be
         continued work) or let me know so I can help you with this. If you are
         working with a group on this branch please contact everyone
in the group
         before deleting.  Don't forget that even if the branch is
gone, the history
         is still available on the wiki and in svn.

         Once you start with a new branch this means we can use the
         following svn command to find what trunk revisions are
eligible for merging svn
         mergeinfo --show-revs eligible ^/ww3/trunk and the following
         command to sync your branch with the trunk: svn merge ^/ww3/trunk

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, April 19th 10:30am EDT



Jessica Meixner
IMSG Support Scientist
NCEP/EMC Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
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