[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WW3 trunk updated to v6.02

Jessica Meixner - NOAA Affiliate jessica.meixner at noaa.gov
Mon Jan 23 21:21:21 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

The trunk has now been updated to v6.02, which adds an ESMF interface.
Many changes came in with this branch and a full list is below.  One thing
I do want to point out is to signify an grid's input is coming from a
coupler, the syntax is to use CPL:grid  or CPL:inputgrid in ww3_multi.inp.

List of changes:
* A removal of all svn:mergeinfo properties except for the top-level
* Add .gitignore file to model directory
* Remove execute property on model/inp/*.inp files
* Add svn:ignore properties on some directories so that svn will ignore
  files created during build
* model/ftn/w3gsrumd.ftn
  - Moved all record of changes out subroutines to top of module
    and consolidate source code for procedure interfaces
  - Generalize index bounds for source grid input
  - Fix tripole grid index mapping and implement additional index
    closure types
  - Add small non-zero tolerance to bounding box checks, point
    coincidence checks, and checks for points that lie exactly
    on a cell edge
  - Add option to W3GFCL, W3GRMP, W3GFPT, and W3GFIJ to allow target
    point outside of source grid
  - Implement more accurate sin(d/2) equation in W3DIST for computing
    angular distance
  - Implement stereographic projection for remapping from cells near
    a pole
  - Add routine for computing metric and derivatives for a curvilinear
    grid and routines for computing gradient and divergence of fields
    defined on a curvilinear grid
  - Add routine for computing bounding box for a curvilinear grid
  - Add W3GRMC as generic routine for computing remapping coefficents
* model/ftn/w3arrymd.ftn
  - Replace STOP with error exit using EXTCDE
* model/ftn/w3servmd.ftn
  - Add optional MPI communicator arg to EXTCDE
* model/ftn/w3gdatmd.ftn
  - Change to preprocessor macros to enable test output
  - Change calculation of curvilinear grid metric and derivatives
    to use W3GSRUMD:W3CGDM
* model/ftn/wmesmfmd.ftn
  - New module for ESMF interface
* model/ftn/wminitmd.ftn
  - Modify input forcing flags to support coupler (CPL) input
  - Add ESMF override for STIME & ETIME
* model/ftn/wmunitmd.ftn
  - Add INQUIRE OPENED check for identifying available file I/O units
* model/ftn/w3src4md.ftn
  - Add initialization for VERTST and IDTST variables
* model/ftn/w3wavemd.ftn
  - Replace incorrect use of MPI_COMM_WORLD with MPI_COMM_WAVE
* model/ftn/wmupdtmd.ftn
  - Enable processing input from coupler (CPL)
  - Fix/improve test output
* model/ftn/ww3_prep.ftn
  - Update for new W3GSRUMD:W3GSUC API
* model/ftn/wmgridmd.ftn
  - Fix SCRIP ALLWGTS allocation error
  - Improve SCRIPNC SCRIP_STOP report and exit
* model/ftn/w3fldsmd.ftn
  - Update for new W3GSRUMD:W3GSUC and W3GSRUMD:W3GRMP APIs
  - Fix error return section
* model/ftn/ww3_grid.ftn
  - Bug fix for mask input from file
* model/ftn/w3iogomd.ftn
  - Remove comparison of logicals using .EQ.
* model/ftn/ww3_prnc.ftn
  - Update for new W3GSRUMD:W3GSUC API
* model/ftn/w3iobcmd.ftn
  - Allow input boundary points to lie outside the grid
    within a distance of 0.1 times the grid cell size
* model/ftn/constants.ftn
  - Add IS_ESMF_COMPONENT logical to indicate whether or not the
    model has been invoked as an ESMF component
* model/ftn/wmwavemd.ftn
  - Add names to DO constructs to improve code readability
  - Enable error exit for endless loop trap
* model/ftn/w3srcemd.ftn
  - Add setting of CHARN from AALPHA (W3GDATMD)
  - Change U10ABS cutoff for sea-state dependent stress from 10 to 5 m/s
* model/bin/make_makefile.sh, w3_source, w3_make
  - Add support for compiling multi-grid ESMF module and library
  - Add support for creating the NUOPC/ESMF self-describing build
    dependency makefile fragment
* model/bin/comp.*
  - Add $ESMF_F90COMPILEPATHS to compiler flags
  - Add $EXTRA_COMP_OPTIONS to compiler flags
* model/bin/link.*
  - Add $EXTRA_LINK_OPTIONS to linker flags
  - Add settings to include run time search path (rpath) for dynamically
    loaded objects
* Add build/link scripts for Cray XC platform with PGI and Intel compilers
* Add model/esmf test coupled application driver
* Changes to regtests:
  - Add -N option to bin/run_test for enabling namelist input instead of
  - Modify bin/run_test -C option to support OASIS and ESMF test coupled
  - Add bin/run_clean script to simplify cleaning up after running regtests
  - Add bin/run_esmf_test_suite
  - Enable mww3_test_0[2-6] for running under ESMF test application

Jessica Meixner
IMSG Support Scientist
NCEP/EMC Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
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