[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WW3 Trunk Updates and Final Set of Regtests before Public Release

Jessica Meixner - NOAA Affiliate jessica.meixner at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 3 17:45:26 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

Good news! I am currently running the final set of regression tests before
the public release.  There have been many updates to the trunk in the past
few weeks and  I'd like to draw your attention to several of the updates
and bug fixes.

First of all the version updates:
5.13: TSA
5.14: Extreme Waves
5.15: System track optimization

A few bugfixes/updates to draw your attention to (more bugfixes listed
- ST4 default values have been updated (see description in the manual in
- SMC grid documents have been moved to the smc_docs folder
- MPI Invalid Tag error issues that have been a problem on Crays have been
addressed with adjusting the MTAG* values
- w3_clean now has new options:
         (default): Clean-up the work, test and scratch directories
         -c: "clobber", also clean-up model directories and regtests
         -m: also clean-up model directories
         -r: also clean-up regtests directories

List of other bug fixes are at the bottom of this email.

I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the public release.


Other recent bug fixes/updates:
- tab characters removed
- if (logical1.eq.true.and.logical2.eq.true) --> if (logical1.and.logical2)
(for gnu compilers)
- updates for S and T switches to work
- bugfixes for IC3/IC4 and corresponding regtests
- clobber create mode for ounp netcdf3
- bug fix for US3D netcdf output
- update on definition of boundary for UNST grid types
- correction for ww3_bounc
- ocean-wave-atmosphere coupling updates
- ice parametrization updates
- ounp/outp correction for point index reading including corresponding
regtest updates

Jessica Meixner
IMSG Support Scientist
NCEP/EMC Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
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