[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WWIII Developer Meeting Minutes -- Wed Nov 16 (IMPORTANT info inside)

Fabrice Ardhuin ardhuin at ifremer.fr
Thu Nov 17 14:44:53 UTC 2016

Dear all,
There was quite a bit of effort in setting up the WAM group, and still 
the WAM 1988 paper is cited as "WAMDI (1988)". When you read the paper 
there is a *  with a footnote and the list.

In our case we can have the full list of contributions in section 1.4 , 
and if people want to cite it, have it cited as "WW3DG (2016)".
Ideally people would cite the features they are using by citing all the 
papers that contribute to their set-up.

I was the one who uploaded the manual on ResearchGate because I think 
this is a way to get the right exposure to the work. Theirs is an 
automatic system so it does require authors.... the same is not true for 
a paper. I can update the way the authors appear there if needed (I've 
just moved Hendrik first... it should be updated soon) but I made it 
clear that the stuff should be cited (if ever) as we agreed - and I'll 
update that to whatever is the final consensus.

Also I encourage Henrique, who at some point was tipped to lead the 
publication of a proper paper in a journal like 'Computers and 
Geosciences" to actually make a formal paper about the updates in going 
to v4.18 and/or v5.16...  But as far as counting citations and the like, 
a NCEP report, however fine, does not count so much (at least for the 
evaluation of research as done today in France).

So I think that having the details in section 1.4 is very important (so 
that people can contact the proper authors of different pieces). How we 
want this to be cited really depends on whether we want to emphasize 
more the different contributions or the group effort.
In the end I know that we do not get funded for that group effort, and I 
can understand Jian Guo's argument. Still, it is easy to underestimate 
the group effort and work in making everything work seamlessly, a lot of 
which was done at NCEP. Now that Hendrik is not at NCEP anymore, it is a 
little odd to have the thing as Tolman et al., although we have an 
immense debt to his dedication... so I think we need the group first.

If we put group + list of people in citations, it will often be cropped 
as "XX et al." as happens to papers with long list of authors, e.g. "Dee 
et al. " for the ERA-Interim as cited in 

So, if counting citations on reports matter for some of the 
contributors, we could add the list of authors in the bibtex entry ... 
but it seems to me that there is more risk that it will get deformed to 
anything possible.


                       Fabrice Ardhuin
directeur, Laboratoire d'Océanographie Physique et Spatiale
   chair, Lab. of Ocean Physics and Satellite oceanography
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