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I was going to raise the same issue, Jian-Guo has just beaten me by a few minutes, - but my suggestion is “Chawla et al. (2016)”.

I keep receiving references from Research Gate where the Manual is referred to in alphabetical order. The other option, suggested earlier by Jessica, was to use some anonymous reference, ie. WW3 Developer Group.

Clearly the anonymous option is already not working, because Research Gate requires names. And it won’t work anyway, as we all know well from the experience with the WISE Group manuscript. Regardless of the initial intentions, The WISE Group paper routinely referred as Cavaleri et al. - that’s how publications are referenced in our discipline.

Alphabetical order, in my view, is not suitable either. Any publication should have a leader, and most certainly the WW3 Manual should have a leader who managed the team now and will keep managing it in the future. And this leader should be from NOAA because this document, in the first place, is an internal document of  NOAA.

Therefore, in my view, the WAVEWATCH-III Manual should be led by the current Chief of the respective NOAA Division, ie. Chawla et al. (where 'et al.’ after Chawla can be alphabetical – like in the WISE paper). Tolman et al. is of course another option, but with Hendrik having moved from the Chief of WAVEWATCH, I think it is reasonable if the current Chief leads the group of developers. In the end, this is his job, and this is just recognising the status formally recognised by NOAA. Since we are already talking about Version 6, obviously it will be Arun who will be talking with NOAA, organising the developers, raising funding etc., - and not Hendrik and not alphabetically listed authors. If we keep Hendrik Tolman as the lead developer of the Manual now, this same question will need to be discussed when the next version of WW3 is released and so on.

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I agree that it is important we get the list of contributing authors right and I think it is equally important we get the order of authors right.  In the last public release we used “H. Tolman and the WW3 Development Group”, this time it becomes the “WW3 development Group”.  Neither looks conforming with the prevailing scientific paper convention.  I think we should conserve the honour of the first author to Hendrik as he is clearly standing out of us in this model development.  Of course, if we could work out a second person to be undisputable the second author, then put it there as the second author.  And so forth … .  Otherwise, list all the others in alphabetic order explicitly, rather than use the group name, so the manual can then be referred to as “Tolman et al (2016) …”, which looks clear and tidy to me.

The section 1.4 can be kept to clarify the contributions from each author but it is not a good place to find out the authors.  Anyone listed in section 1.4 deserves a place in the author list and vice versa.

For your consideration and discussion on Wednesday.


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Erick brought up some interesting points with regards to Section 1.4 and determining contributors to the manual. Here is our first interpretation of the different scenarios
We can discuss this further on wednesday if need be.

1) When code is relying on papers by others, do those "others" get entered into Section 1.4? For example work by Komen and the Hasselmanns is ST1: do the three of them get entered?

No. They can refer to the papers in the manual section corresponding to that development but they are not involved in some way with the code

2) When code is two steps removed from WW3. Example: Dr. A provides matlab code to Dr. B and Dr. B implements it in Fortran in Model X and Dr. C takes that code and ports it to WW3. Is Dr. A included in Section 1.4?
Drs B and C yes because they are both associated with the code. Going a further level is too much

3) If a Professor A closely supervises the coding of a new WW3 routine by Student B, does Professor A get included in Section 1.4?

Yes because both are involved in the development (even if in an advising role)

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Hi Everyone,
IMPORTANT: Please check and confirm your contributions are accountedfor in Section 1.4 by Wednesday before our monthly call as it appears we have unintentionally left out some contributions.  Please update and add any changes to the doc_edits branch or send me an email directly. We will update the manual for the public release Wednesday afternoon.  During the monthly call we will also discuss how the manual will be referenced, so please join us.
In addition to discussing the reference of the manual, we will discuss and set plans for version 6 of WAVEWATCH III. If you have a development project that you plan on going into the next version, please add it as a milestone on the roadmap wiki page.
Wednesday, November 16  at 10:30am EDT
(Note Daylight savings ended in the US on November 6th)


Meeting number: 622 584 167
1.  Discuss how the user manual will be referenced.
2.  Set plans for version 6: We will discussed what we missed for version 5 and what everyone one has planned for version 6.
Please let me know if anyone has any questions.


Jessica Meixner
IMSG Support Scientist
NCEP/EMC Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction

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