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People please take a look at the proposed changes to ww3_multi and provide your input. In the long run we intend to move completely to namelist inputs instead of arrays. We still have a little time but let us not try to delay it much more 


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Thank you for putting this together. 

As per our chat yesterday, I think it is very important that before we make a final decision on which way to head with this, we hear back from Fabrice and his guys, particularly that Mathieu's question are discussed and clarified between him and Tim. This is particularly important because the meeting Wednesday had so few participants. The proposed changes are important ones that I think should be run through a larger forum, so perhaps this could be revisited briefly in a next meeting with hopefully more participants, so we can ensure everybody is on board.

On the bugfix front, we had discussed some time ago and approved within the developer group that for any public release we would have bugfixes bundled in new full package versions (eg, v4.22 or such), and we would also provide a patch file for user who prefer to patch their existing implementations. Both would be made available via our distribution web site. SO I would add to the tasks re bugfix release, creating a patch.



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Please review. 

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