[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WAVEWATCH III - code sharing guidelines

Arun Chawla - NOAA Federal arun.chawla at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 17 15:43:17 UTC 2014


Since we have many people who have joined this group, I thought this might
be a good time to revisit code sharing. This is a sensitive topic and we
all have to have buy in into this so if you have any points to raise please
do so.

We follow the GNU licence agreement which loosely states that all
development should be shared with the full community and you may not
copyright or sell WAVEWATCH III as your personal model.

People who use the public release are bound by the licence agreement that
is spelled out here


Those who are on the svn server are bound to the same agreement but also
have additional responsibilities as you have access to cutting edge
research. That is the main point of discussion here.

The problem becomes how to share developments that are not ready for public
release yet. The procedure that we had come up prior to the release of v
4.18 was highlighted in the attached document. Please review and let us
know if this approach requires any changes

If you have a situation that is different from what is outlined above then
please let us know. Since the trunk involves contributions from many
scientists, at the least everyone needs to know who is getting access to
their codes.

Remember there is no easy way to separate your contributions from the works
of others, and even if your intent is to share your own developments, you
cannot avoid sharing other people's contributions. When in doubt please
p.s. If I do not hear back any objections then I shall assume that the
above sharing agreements stand.

Arun Chawla
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