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Please mark your calendar. We shall have the next WAVEWATCH III meeting on
Wednesday Nov 12th from 10:30 - 11:30 EST.

Please note that daylight saving time has changed so do make sure that you
have the right time for attending the meeting.

Next week's meeting will have

1. Fabrice give a presentation on developments at IFREMER including wave
ice interactions (this was going to be in the last meeting but could not be
done because of disturbance in the phones)

2. Jian-Guo from UKMO will give a presentation on the SMC grid option that
his team has implemented in WAVEWATCH III

3. Erick and Tim from NRL will lead a discussion on some proposed changes
to the code which include using CPP pre processors instead of switches and
changes to ww3_multi that reflect the increasing number of forcing fields
capabilities that are being developed for the wave model

During the presentations please remember to mute your phones except when
asking questions, otherwise we can get swamped by background noise. Also it
will be great if more groups can give presentations as a way to introduce
yourselves to everyone and for us to learn about all the wonderful
activities that you are doing or planning to do. It does not have to be
specific to the work done on the code. It can be ideas of research that you
plan to use the code for. Maybe you will find people here to collaborate

Now for the important stuff (I put this at the end so as to force people to
read everything).

For the meeting

1.  GoToMeeting - MMAB/WW  (Mehra)
Meeting ID: 599-995-453

2. Join the conference call:

For those who do not have gotomeeting the slides will be distributed before

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