[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] IMPORTANT !! Repository clean up

Arun Chawla - NOAA Federal arun.chawla at noaa.gov
Thu Dec 18 15:26:45 UTC 2014

O.K. the important in caps lock was just to capture your attention as your
mind starts wandering to the holidays ;)

We at NCEP are going to take advantage of some of this lull time to engage
in a level of repository cleanup. We have an issue with mergeinfo property
in the trunk that we have to clean.

To limit the amount of clean up we may have to do as a first step we want
to identify all the branches that can be deleted. These include

1. Branches that were created for bug fixes and have been now integrated
into the trunk.

2. Branches that you created with a task in mind and have not yet gotten
down to it (we will delete the branch and you can create a new one from the

3. Branches that have been reintegrated to the trunk but you are still
keeping active because of other projects in mind. (if you have not added
anything new since the last reintegration then please consider it for
deletion and create a new branch)

Your cooperation in identifying these branches is deeply appreciated.
Please spend a few minutes to identify your obsolete branches

Happy Holidays !!

Arun Chawla
Waves Team Lead
Marine Modelling & Analysis Branch
Room 2101
National Center for Weather & Climate Prediction
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD 20740
Ph: 301-683-3740
Fx: 301-683-3703
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