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Fri Jan 5 14:42:14 UTC 2018

NOAA nowCOAST Status Message
9:40 AM EST Friday, January 5, 2018

UPDATE:  Due to recent critical weather days, the planned GOES Satellite
Imagery changes described below have been delayed and are now scheduled to
occur *Monday, January 8, 2018 between 1530 - 1545 UTC*.

If you have questions about these upcoming changes, please contact us at
nowcoast.team at noaa.gov.

Jason Greenlaw
nowCOAST Team

On Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 3:48 PM, John Kelley - NOAA Federal <
john.kelley at noaa.gov> wrote:

> NOAA nowCOAST Status Message
> 3:40 PM EST Tuesday, December 26, 2017
> NOAA/NESDIS has now decided that imagery from GOES-16 (now GOES-East) will
> be incorporated into their operational Global Mosaic of Geostationary
> Satellite Imagery on or about Jan. 2, 2018 when GOES-13 data will no
> longer be disseminated.  This will prevent the complete loss of cloud
> imagery for the GOES-East geographic coverage area on nowCOAST. However,
> there will still be impacts since NESDIS will not be incorporating the
> GOES-16 imagery into their higher resolution GOES-East visible, IR, and
> water vapor imagery geoTIFF products used by nowCOAST.  Anticipated
> Impacts to nowCOAST's map serivce:  *sat_meteo_imagery_time* are given
> below.
> For GOES-East Geographic Coverage Area:
> - Loss of visible, shortwave infrared, longwave infrared, and water vapor
> imagery within "GOES Northern Hemisphere" layers (REST layer IDs 0 to 15)
> - Maintain visible, shortwave infrared, and longwave infrared cloud
> imagery within "Global" layers (REST layer IDs 16 to 27)
> - Reduced update frequency for visible and IR imagery
>     - "Global" layers update every 3 hours compared to every 30 minutes
> for GOES-West footprint in "GOES Northern Hemisphere" layers
> - Reduced spatial resolution of visible and IR imagery
>     - "Global" layers have 8 km resolution compared to 1km (Visible) and
> 4km (IR) for GOES-West footprint in "GOES Northern Hemisphere" layers
> If you have questions, please send email to nowcoast.team at noaa.gov.
> John Kelley, Jason Greenlaw, and John Evans
> nowCOAST Development Team
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