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Fri Sep 22 13:54:57 UTC 2017

NOAA/NOS nowCOAST Status Message
9:50 AM EDT Sep 22, 2017

Beginning at approximately 10:00 AM EDT this morning, nowCOAST operations
will be switched to its backup location in Boulder in order to test a
potential solution to the recent stability problems caused by the
underlying map server software.

The switch should be relatively seamless, however users may notice slight
interruption of service while the transition is made.

Because this transition includes an ArcGIS Server software upgrade from
version 10.2.2 to version 10.5, there also may be slight differences in the
functionality provided before and after the transition; however, all
present map services will remain available and present access methods
should be unaffected.

Early next week, nowCOAST operations will likely be reverted to its present
location with a patched version of ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 for testing.  A
subsequent switch back to ArcGIS Server 10.5 in Boulder will follow at a
later date.

Any concerns or issues encountered during the switch should be reported to
nowcoast.team at noaa.gov during regular business hours and sdm at noaa.gov (with
cc: to nowcoast.team at noaa.gov) at night or over the weekend.

Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure high reliability of
nowCOAST map services for our users.

Jason Greenlaw
nowCOAST Team
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