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Tue Sep 19 18:03:59 UTC 2017

NOAA nowCOAST Status Message
1:50 PM EDT Tue Sept. 19, 2017

nowCOAST servers have been stopped and restarted once again to deal with
the problems caused by the underlying mapping software along with heavy web
traffic due to the tropical cyclones. nowCOAST map services are available

NCO will continue to do stops/restarts every 4 hours at around Midnight,
4AM, 8AM, NOON, 4PM, and 8PM EDT. An outage of about 12 minutes can be
expected at these times.  Please note that the stops/restarts may be done
up to an hour late due to unexpected circumstances.

A solution to avoid these planned and unplanned outages may be implemented
and tested on Thursday.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the many nowCOAST outages since mid

John Kelley
nowCOAST Project
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