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Wed Oct 4 19:08:19 UTC 2017

NOAA/NOS nowCOAST Status Message
3:08 PM Wed Oct 4, 2017

As indicated in an earlier status message, the nowCOAST team has identified
a potential issue with ArcGIS Server 10.5 that is sporadically causing
images returned from multiple map services (including
radar_meteo_imagery_nexrad_time and sat_meteo_imagery_time) to appear
"washed out" (i.e. rendered with a dull or muted color palette).  The issue
appears to manifest in a certain percentage of REST MapServer 'export'
requests as well as WMS 'GetMap' requests.

We are working with the software vendor to identify the root cause of the
problem so that a workaround or bug fix can be implemented as soon as

Until this issue is addressed, affected nowCOAST map services may be
restarted periodically to address the issue, which may cause a brief access
interruption to the affected map service(s).  These map service restarts
will be done on an as-needed basis and thus there is presently no planned
time or frequency, however we do not anticipate they will be performed more
than once per day.

As always, if you encounter problems with nowCOAST map services, please
contact us at nowcoast.team at noaa.gov during regular business hours or
sdm at noaa.gov (with cc: to nowcoast.team at noaa.gov) at night or over the

Jason Greenlaw
nowCOAST Team
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