[Ncep.list.nems.announce] NEMSLegacy update

Tom Black tom.black at noaa.gov
Fri Nov 18 19:42:34 UTC 2016

Sorry, a typo.  Those NMM configure files and the NMM text file are 
updated in the NEMS, not the NMM, trunk as seen in the status.

On 11/18/2016 2:38 PM, Tom Black wrote:
> NEMS developers,
> The NEMSLegacy external to NMM has been updated to the top of the 
> current nmmb trunk.  In doing that there were 1-line changes required 
> in moving nest configure files and an NMM text file in the NMM trunk 
> that also had to be updated in order for regression tests to run and 
> those are:
> M    NEMS/tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_2way_conf_02.IN
> M    NEMS/tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_2way_conf_03.IN
> M    NEMS/tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_2way_conf_04.IN
> M    NEMS/tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_02.IN
> M    NEMS/tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_03.IN
> M    NEMS/tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_04.IN
> M    NEMS/tests/solver_state.txt
> These commits are complete.  Patrick is next.
> Tom
> On 11/16/2016 11:09 AM, Tom Black wrote:
>> NEMS Developers,
>> We are going to update the NEMSLegacy trunk to point at the top of 
>> the nmmb trunk.  Let me know if this disrupts anyone's current 
>> regtesting.
>> Tom

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