[Ncep.list.nems.announce] NEMS, GSM and NMM externals in NEMSLegacy info

Patrick Tripp patrick.tripp at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 20 13:04:37 UTC 2016

FYI: There still seems to be some confusion as to where the GSM and NMM 
svn:externals links exist.

Please do not set svn:externals under the NEMS trunk. The GSM and NMM 
externals are now handled via the NEMSLegacy app, and not in the NEMS 
trunk. The proper way to checkout NEMS is via the NEMSLegacy app.


To check out the current NEMS version:
svn co 

To update the the GSM or NMM versions after a commit or for testing of 
different revisions:

svn co --ignore-externals 

cd NEMSLegacy

svn propedit svn:externals .

NEMS https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/nems/trunk
NEMS/src/atmos/gsm    -r 77262 
NEMS/src/atmos/nmm    -r 74333 

(save and exit)

svn commit -m "NEMSLegacy app: Updating NMM and GSM externals"

Then if you want to download the revisions pointed to after updating the 
externals ;
svn update

I hope this helps clarify things.

Thanks - Patrick
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