[Ncep.list.nems.announce] nems trunk commit

Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate jun.wang at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 21 21:33:37 UTC 2016

Dear all,

There will be a nems trunk commit tomorrow. The nems ticket is 181: This is
a companion ticket to GSM ticket #99 - includes bug correction, additional
physics options and io optimization.

Changes are:
1. In atmos/phys, gbphys.f is modified to include new ozone physics (call
to ozphys_2015), new h2o physics (call to h2ophys), and Morrison 2m
microphysics (call to m_micro_driver).
New codes added are

2. A bug fix in radsw_main.f (yu-tai)
3. Update to Rayleigh damping - now applied only on constant pressure
4. num_parthds.F is updated from Jim/Mike
5. rhc_max in physcons changed to rhc_max = 0.9999999 from 0.9999.
and many other minor cosmetic/optimization changes.
6. In the io directory updated module_GFS_WRITE.F90 to fix a bug identified
by Jim Abeles, updated to include Jim Abeles and Mike Young's IO
optimization related waiting in the io-quilt and threading upgrade.
7. Added Jim's module_TIMERS in the share directory.
8. Updated configure files for wcoss and cray. This includes Jim's
suggested optimization.
9. nder the test directory exglobal script is updated to handle quasi task
geometry. Same script can also be used for ngac.
10.The output field names in nemsio file for averaged/accumulated/MAX/MIN
fields are added a suffix (_ave, _acc,_max,_min) in order to be different
from instantaneous fields.

NEMS branch is at:


 A new gsm baseline is created. There is no impact on NMM. Full regression
tests passed on both theia and wcoss. Thanks.

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