[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Permanent freeze of NEMSLegacy and commit of GSM capping

Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Mon Dec 19 21:01:19 UTC 2016

Fellow NEMS developers,

Soon I will commit Jun's change to remove the atmos layer to the trunk of
NEMS and permanently freeze NEMSLegacy.  Standalone development of the
three atmospheric dynamical cores will move to three new apps.  The NEMS
and NEMSLegacy branches related to GSM and FV3 capping work will move to
new locations.  This involves a sequence of commits that will finish either
late this week or early next week.  I will announce each one before
committing it, and I will run both the old and new regression test suites.
Details are below.

As you may know, the removal of the atmos layer will temporarily break NMMB
support and make it harder for older GSM development to be merged to the
trunk.  For this reason, we will create an "uncapped" branch of NEMS for
support of developers that are not up to date with the latest trunk
changes.  We will continue to backport bug fixes to the "uncapped" branch
as needed.  However, we would like to end this practice as soon as possible.

Development of standalone models will move from nems/apps/NEMSLegacy to the
following three locations:

   NMMB -> nems/apps/NMMBTestBed/trunk
   GFS -> nems/apps/NEMSGSM/trunk
   FV3 -> nems/apps/FV3GFS/trunk

There will be no more commits to nems/apps/NEMSLegacy/trunk

Other branches will move:

  nems/branches/ATM-refactor/ -> nems/trunk
  nems/apps/NEMSLegacy/branches/GSM-capping -> nems/apps/NEMSGSM/trunk
  nems/apps/NEMSLegacy/branches/jun/nems4fv3 -> nems/apps/NEMSfv3gfs/trunk

The "uncapped" branch of NEMS will be here:

  nems/trunk -> nems/branches/uncapped

The nems/apps/NMMBTestBed/trunk will a copy of the NEMSLegacy/trunk just
before the capping was merged.  However, it will point to the
nems/branches/uncapped branch instead of the trunk.  That will allow
back-porting of bug fixes for NMMB support until the cap is completed.

Sam Trahan
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