[Ncep.list.nems.announce] nems commit for GSM ticket 67 and NEMS ticket 128

Xingren Wu xingren.wu at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 3 20:02:47 UTC 2015


I have been preparing for the committing of the NEMS ticket 128 and GSM 
ticket 67:

Lowest model level fields for coupling to CICE

  * Collect the lowest model level (instantaneous) fields of T/Q/U/V/P/Z
    for coupling with CICE.
  * Initialize first: aoi_fld%tboti, aoi_fld%qboti, aoi_fld%uboti,
    aoi_fld%vboti, aoi_fld%pboti, aoi_fld%zboti.
  * Collect the above fields and then export them to the mediator.




There is no change for any result.

The regression test passed on Gyre earlier. I just merged the GSM trunk 
change into my branch following Kate's GSM update today. If the RT runs 
successfully (both on WCOSS and Zeus) I will ask Kate to commit my 
(code) changes to the GSM trunk first, then I will commit the (scripts) 
changes to the NEMS trunk.

Thank you for your attention.
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