[Ncep.list.nems.announce] NEMS trunk commit for NMM-B; NEMS Trac ticket #96

Tom Black tom.black at noaa.gov
Fri Jun 13 12:11:55 UTC 2014

The trunk is update to revision 41576. NEMS Trac ticket #96 is closed.

On 6/11/2014 3:20 PM, Tom Black wrote:
> Developers,
> I have several fixes needed for running the NMM-B 2-way nesting in 
> static mode.  Until now all testing had been for moving nests.  In 
> addition, when running with traps turned on we found a variety of 
> issues that needed cleaning up.  This commit will include those that 
> we have found and fixed.  New answers have been generated on zeus and 
> I've now submitted the regression tests there.  I will generate the 
> new answers on wcoss and run the regression test there as soon as I 
> can.  Changes do not affect GSM or FIM.  On zeus the new code is:
> /scratch2/portfolios/NCEPDEV/meso/noscrub/Tom.Black/trunk_update_96
> If someone needs to see it specifically on wcoss let me know and I 
> will point you at it after it is there.
> I hope to commit either Friday or Monday if there are no objections.
> Tom
> M   src/atmos/phys/module_RA_GFDL.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_WRITE_ROUTINES.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_PARENT_CHILD_CPL_COMP.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_RADIATION.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_DM_PARALLEL.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_MICROPHYSICS.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_GWD.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_DIAGNOSE.F90
> M   src/atmos/nmm/module_FLTBNDS.F90

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