[Ncep.list.nems.announce] NEMS/GSM commit

Shrinivas Moorthi shrinivas.moorthi at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 16 18:32:29 UTC 2014

    Finally, after three weeks of regression tests, we are ready to 
commit GSM changes that will bring GSM to the level of GFS
to be implemented in January.  There are many changes on the GSM side 
and thus no NMMB regression tests using GFS physics
is done.  The working directory for NEMS is on zeus at

(Also, please see nems track ticket # 114)
We are aware that there are still some unfinished issues, but will defer 
making those changes to future commits.
I would like to commit these changes tomorrow if there are no objections 
(I would go on leave from 18th until next year).

Dr. Shrinivas Moorthi
Research Meteorologist
Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch
Environmental Modeling Center / National Centers for Environmental Prediction
5830 University Research Court - (W/NP23), College Park MD 20740 USA

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