[Ncep.list.nems.announce] planned nems commit (NEMS ticket #46 and GSM ticket #23)

Sarah Lu - NOAA Affiliate sarah.lu at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 6 15:11:40 UTC 2013

Dear All --

Proposed code changes to restore post_quilting option (NEMS ticket #46 and
GSM ticket #23).

* Restore three regression runs (NMMB, GFS, and NGAC with post quilting
option turned on)
* NEMS code and scripts are modified
* Regression test directory is updated
* For GSM, the gfs_dynamics_start_time_get_mod.f is modified to return an
error code instead of aborting the run when reading non-sigio files. This
fix is needed to allow NEMS GFS to read NEMSIO ICs

The revised code can be found at

A list of code changes:
M       src/atmos/post/post_nmm.f
M       src/atmos/post/post_gfs.f
M       src/conf/configure.nems.Zeus.intel
M       job/exngac_fcst.sh.sms
M       job/regression_tests/RT.sh_IN
M       job/regression_tests/RegressionTests_zeus.log
M       job/regression_tests/JNGAC_FORECAST.sms.para
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_reg_run.IN
M       job/regression_tests/rt_gocart.sh
M       job/regression_tests/Compile_zeus.log
M       job/regression_tests/ngac_bsub.IN
M       job/regression_tests/rt_gfs.sh
M       job/exglobal_fcst.sh.sms_nems

Performing status on external item at 'src/atmos/gsm'
M       src/atmos/gsm/dyn/gfs_dynamics_start_time_get_mod.f
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