[Ncep.list.idp.mrms.users] MRMS v11.6.1 Upgrade Postponed

Justin Cooke - NOAA Federal justin.cooke at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 8 01:00:42 UTC 2018

MRMS Users,

We have narrowed down the cause of the IRIS/iNWS website problem and expect
to have the Boulder site issue resolved soon. However, we are taking this
opportunity to improve the performance of the MRMS operations tier since
there are several occasions daily where some products are missed or users
are unable to pull data via LDM. As we investigate solutions for the MRMS
operations tier we are going to hold off on the 11.6.1 upgrade.

We apologize for having to further postpone the upgrade, but improving the
performance of the operations tier will be beneficial to all users.

Once a new implementation date is scheduled we'll send an update.

Justin Cooke
NCEP Central Operations.

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 11:35 AM Justin Cooke - NOAA Federal <
justin.cooke at noaa.gov> wrote:

> MRMS Users,
> Today's scheduled upgrade of MRMS to version 11.6.1 is postponed due to
> troubleshooting efforts with the IRIS/iNWS site in Boulder. Once that
> service is stable the new date for the MRMS upgrade will be announced. We
> expect that the upgrade will still occur this week.
> Justin
> On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 3:13 PM Justin Cooke - NOAA Federal <
> justin.cooke at noaa.gov> wrote:
>> MRMS users,
>> NCO is officially announcing the re-start of the 30-day evaluation of
>> MRMS 11.6.1 beginning Today, Friday October 5th, 2018. NCO asks that you
>> send us any feedback you have on MRMS 11.6.1 to Anwar Al-Mallah (
>> anwar.al-mallah at noaa.gov) no later than COB October 29, 2018.  Please
>> include in the subject line: "MRMS 11.6.1 30 Day Feedback".
>> The upgrade is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7th, 2018.
>> The technical enhancements include the following:
>>  - The AutoNowCaster (ANC) product resolution will be increased from 0.05
>> x 0.05 degrees (~5km) to 0.01 x 0.01 degrees (~1km). Users should expect
>> the ANC file sizes to increase by an order of magnitude. Product timing,
>> filenames, domain bounds and access methods will remain unchanged. File
>> patterns like:
>>  MRMS_ANC_FinalForecast
>>  MRMS_ANC_ConvectiveLikelihood
>>  - Modifying color maps used by RDIGE2 to remove the differentiation
>> between “no coverage” versus missing values. This product is only available
>> on MRMS LDM.
>>  - Update the FLASH GRIB2 internal compression from “complex packing” to
>> “PNG” which reduces the volume by 50%. Currently this data is available on
>> LDM only, with this upgrade the data will be available on both SBN/NOAAPORT
>> and the Web.
>>  - Begin disseminating Flooded Locations and Simulated Hydrographs
>> (FLASH) GRIB2 Products on the SBN/NOAAPORT
>> Also attached are the release notes for version 11.6.1
>> Users can access sample v11.6.1 data using the below sites:
>> *LDM: *MRMS test data will be available via from this address:
>> vm-bldr-mrms-ldmoutt.ncep.noaa.gov
>>    - If you would like to aid in validation of MRMS v11.6.1 Please
>>    contact the IDP team to get put in the allow list for ldm.
>>       - idp-support at noaa.gov
>> *MRMS Web data*: GRIB2 data from MRMS 11.6.1 BLDR TEST will be available
>> on the mrmst website:
>>    - http://mrmst.ncep.noaa.gov/data/
>> A Service Change Notice (SCN) of this upgrade can be found on the NWS
>> Service Changes Notices page: https://www.weather.gov/notification/
>> Justin Cooke
>> NCEP Central Operations
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