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The MRMS LDM feed dropped & delayed Composite Reflectivity (MergedReflectivityQComposite) products again at 0210Z and 1410Z today. The dropped products can be seen on the MRMS download page, as well as LDM. Specifically, the CONUS 0208Z, Alaska 0208Z & 1408Z, Hawaii 0208Z & 0210Z, the Caribbean 0208Z & 0210Z, and the Guam 0208Z products were missed.


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I've noticed something strange.  We're not getting a lot of MRMS data
files.  The ones that we get are timestamped over 30 minutes old.  LDM is
showing zero complaints.  I've restarted LDM, but I see no signs of

The problems started between 00Z and 01Z Saturday night and has just
gotten worse.

It's always possible there is a problem at our end, however, none of my
other LDM connections have problems with delayed data.

Kevin W. Thomas
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> Jay,
> We saw the switch to College Park on Friday at 1909Z. However, the hourly dropped & delayed products on LDM continued until about 0020Z on Saturday, Nov. 3. Since then, the dropped & missing product have generally been around 0210Z and 1410Z daily, and also during the 03Z hour.
> Ken
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> MRMS Customers,
> MRMS will be moved to the College Park data center shortly at/around 19Z today. We expect only a minimal disruption of data associated with this failover.
> If you experience a longer loss of data or any other issues with the failover and upgrade, please let the IDP team know and we will work through any issues.
> Thanks much,
> -Jay Iyer
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