[Ncep.list.idp.mrms.users] IDP MRMS Site failover to College Park: March 9 @ 13Z

Derek VanPelt - NOAA Affiliate derek.vanpelt at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 8 19:54:18 UTC 2017

MRMS customers,

We are failing the primary MRMS site to the College Park MRMS tier tomorrow
morning at 13Z.  This fail over will also bring v11.0.6 into operations.
The new version should increase reliability of delivered products, and will
modify the way Canadian radars are handled within MRMS.

Our expectation is that this will be a seamless transition, but have had
DNS problems reported in the past with some MRMS customers.  Please monitor
your feed closely in the morning as possible, and contact the IDP group if
you need further support.

Additionally, we are planning on going back to Boulder early next week
after we have updated the Boulder code to v11.0.6.

Thank you,


Derek Van Pelt
IDP Onboarding
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