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John Evans - NOAA Affiliate john.g.evans at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 24 19:39:47 UTC 2017

Mon Apr 24 15:40 ET 2017

NCO will be performing upgrades on the core Internet routers in College
Park, MD on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.  Please be prepared for intermittent
NCEP network outages, and associated effects on systems throughout the
maintenance window.

Start Date-Time: 4/26/2017 1015 UTC (6:15 am ET)

Stop Date-Time: 4/26/2017 2015 UTC (4:15 pm ET)

The period of definite impact to users will be 1015 UTC (6:15 am ET) to
1120 UTC (7:20 am ET).  We do not expect a complete outage for the full 50
minutes, but rather intermittent outages of various services during this
window.  There will be a second period of potential impact from 1900 UTC (3pm
ET) to 2015 UTC (4:15 pm ET).  The work during this 75 minutes should not
result in any outages, but it is a high risk period of work that we want
users to be aware of.

The intermittent impacts during the 1015 to 1120 UTC period will affect the
IDP-GIS map services.

John Evans
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