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If you have any travelers planning to attend the International Association
of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, from
October 19-24, 2018, please enter names in the spreadsheet link below
by *Friday,
June 29.*


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Good Morning-

Dr. Uccellini encourages participation in the upcoming 2018 International
Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Annual Conference
<https://iaemconference.info/2018/> in Grand Rapids, MI, from
October 19-24, 2018.

*Regions -  please forward this email to your field offices as
appropriate. *


Employees who plan to attend the IAEM conference must fill out the google
their travel information by *Friday, June 29.*

Please read the following information before completing the spreadsheet:

*MEALS AND INCIDENTAL EXPENSES (M&IE):* The Federal per diem allowance is
$59/day. M&IE must include a 75% deduction for the first and last day of

*REGISTRATION*: Check the registration fees
<https://iaemconference.info/2018/register/> since they *vary widely*
depending on the type of registration. Employees must use their GSA
SmartPay 2 Travel Card to pay the registration fee. Do NOT use the GSA
SmartPay 2 Purchase Card.  Employees may register for the conference* only
after* NOAA approves the conference package. You will be notified by email
when to register.

*LODGING:* The Federal per diem lodging rate is $113/day for Grand Rapids,
MI, and the lodging tax 12% (total $126.26).  IAEM has reserved a limited
number of government rate rooms at the conference hotel
<https://iaemconference.info/2018/lodging-3/lodging/>. Other hotels with
the government rate are nearby.

*REDUCTIONS FOR PER DIEM*: Reduce per diem by $45 ($15x3 lunches). If you
get the "full" registration, deduct an additional $26 for the banquet on
October 24.

*GROUND TRANSPORTATION*: Include rental car and/or POV mileage. POV mileage
rate is $0.54.5/mile for automobiles.

*MISCELLANEOUS COSTS*: List all miscellaneous fees, including taxi,
parking, ATM, baggage fees, etc.

*TRAVEL DATES*:  If travel dates are before or extend after the conference,
provide an explanation in column S on the google spreadsheet.

Please call or email me if you have questions.


Executive Officer
NWS Office of Dissemination

Genene Fisher, PhD
Executive Officer
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
301-683-1323 office
301-452-7366 cell
genene.fisher at noaa.gov
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