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Please read below regarding canceling travel that begins during the government shutdown. 


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> Subject: Canceling Travel that begins during the government shutdown
> All,
> DOC has assumed responsibility for canceling all travel reservations (air, hotel, car) that BEGINS each day between 6-8 am if BOOKED through E2 or CWT.  If it was not booked through E2 or CWT (hotels mostly) the traveler needs to cancel.
> While DOC has assumed the responsibility they are asking for our help tomorrow since there are so many NOAA travelers (324 total) due to the scheduled AGO Meeting, AMSS Conference and CORE training.
> To the greatest extent possible, if we are still shut down tomorrow morning, please request that your NOAA employees cancel their own reservations as time allows.  DOC will be the ultimate backstop but it would be nice to help them out some.
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