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Travel Arrangers:

Please review the notice below regarding foreign travel.


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Subject: Travel Transmission Number 2 Revised Chapter 306, Foreign Travel

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ALL NOAA Travelers

Kim A. Darling
Director, Finance Office/Comptroller

Travel Transmission Number 2
Revised Chapter 306, Foreign Travel

*The purpose of this travel transmittal is to provide:*

   - The updated NOAA Travel Regulation (NTR), Chapter 306 (Foreign
   Travel), which now aligns with the new E2 system, and
   - Foreign travel reminders to help ensure that employees are being
   ticketed on time and that they have the necessary documentation when
   traveling abroad on official temporary duty (TDY) travel.

*Foreign Travel Briefing (FTB) Requirement. * Employees performing official
TDY travel to foreign locations are required by the Department’s Office of
Security to conduct a FTB annually. The FTB can be accessed at:
https://doc.csod.com/client/doc/default.aspx.  In order to ensure
compliance, the NOAA Travel Office (NTO):

   - Sends all Line/Staff Office Financial Management Centers (FMCs) a
   Travel Briefing Certificate report *each month to identify which
   employees need to update their FTB and/or official passport; and
   - Is on the routing list in E-2 to approve all foreign travel
   authorizations (TAs) for employees who have an up to date FTB on file at
   the NTO.

*E-2 & Foreign Ticketing.*  An up to date FTB should always be uploaded and
attached to each foreign TA/travel reservation made in E-2.  TAs for
employees who do not have an up to date FTB on file at the NTO will be
rejected and returned to the employee.  Since airlines place tight time
restrictions on most non-refundable tickets, it is critical for employees
to always attach their FTB to each reservation in E-2 in order to avoid
having their ticket canceled by the airlines.

*A Complete Foreign Travel Package* consists of:

   - *A completed* ‘Foreign Travel Checklist’ which can be found on the
   NTO’s website: http://www.corporateservices.noaa.gov/finance/FT.html.
   Please ensure that the travel arranger’s name, phone number and complete
   address are annotated on the checklist so that the NTO knows who to contact
   if there are any issues and where to return the package when it’s complete;
   - *One photocopy of the approved TA*.  An unapproved TA is acceptable if
   it is not approved at the time the package is sent to the NTO for
   processing.  However, an approved TA must be submitted to the NTO
   immediately following approval.  T*he NTO requires either or to
   accompany ALL foreign travel packages;*
   - *Either an up to date official passport or a* ‘passport application
   which consists of the expired passport, a passport application form, one
   passport photo, and a passport letter; and
   - *Applicable visa applications*, when a visa is required, along with
   visa photos and/or letters of invitation.  Please visit the NTO Foreign
   Travel Website and review ‘Official Visa Requirements/Visa Applications’.
   Please note, employees should not follow the Department of State visa
   requirements since they apply to personal passport holders and not official.

*Incomplete Foreign Travel Packages* will cause delays in the processing of
a foreign travel package which may result in the trip being delayed or
canceled.  Whenever there is missing information/documentation, both the
employee and the document preparer will be notified via email and the *foreign
travel package will not be processed until the missing
information/documentation is received by the NTO*.

*Posting/Effective Date*.  The provisions of this transmittal are effective
October 17, 2017 and are posted on the following website:

*All inquiries* on the foreign travel process should be directed to your
servicing Foreign Travel Contact which can be found on the NTO’s website:
http://www.corporateservices.noaa.gov/finance/FT.html.  In addition, the
NTO will be scheduling foreign travel training to both the FTCs as well as
the FMCs over the next several months.  Emails will be sent out sometime in
November to schedule the training.  Please visit our web page to view
and/or to update your copy of the NTR.  Please contact Chasity Grimm if you
have any questions regarding the NTR, Chapter 306 update:

   - Chasity.N.Grimm at noaa.gov <chasity.n.grimm at noaa.gov>
   - (301) 444-2129


Kim Darling
Director, Finance Office/Comptroller

Genene Fisher, PhD
Executive Officer
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
301-683-1323 office
301-452-7366 cell
genene.fisher at noaa.gov
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