[Ncep.list.grouptravel] Action Due Noon March 17: E2 Production Data Validation

Genene Fisher - NOAA Federal genene.fisher at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 14 16:25:40 UTC 2017


By *Noon ET, Friday, March 17*, each Center should validate their E2
production data at:


*Instructions to Complete the E2 Production Data Validation Spreadsheet *

     1. Review the columns in *Green* making sure all the
travelers/approvers are included and accurate.

   - The columns for review are as follows:
         - Proposed Major Code, Proposed Minor Code, User ID, CBS Vendor
         No., ITM Last Name, ITM First Name, ITM Middle Initial, User
Type, Traveler
         Type, Arranger Access Level, Document Approver Level
      - The users in these spreadsheets represent people who have
      recertified in Travel Manager and also who have traveled in FY16 (e.g.,
      invitationals and bargaining unit employees)
   1. ALL updates should be in the *BLUE *columns to denote any changes
   which need to be made to the travelers or approvers.
      - The columns to update are as follows:
         - FMC Validated Major Code, FMC Validated Minor Code, FMC
         Validated Arranger Access Level, FMC Additional Comments
         - If there are no updates required, then leave the *Blue* columns
      2. If a new row needs to be added (e.g., add a new traveler/missing
   traveler), the row should be inserted at the bottom of the spreadsheet and
   highlighted in *Yellow* fill.

Please contact me with any questions.


Genene Fisher, PhD
Executive Officer
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
301-683-1323 office
301-452-7366 cell
genene.fisher at noaa.gov
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