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If you have employees planning to attend the Fall AGU meeting, please
carefully read the message below. Note the guidance says each LO has the
option to request the same number of seats approved last year. For
reference, the group travel list from last year had 7 from SWPC, 6 from
CPC, and 1 from NHC.

By July 24, please let me know about how many employees you plan to send to
AGU. If it looks like NCEP will be over 14 people, then OD will provide
further guidance on limits per Center. *By Friday, July 28,* names and cost
estimates must be added to the spreadsheet noted below.


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Please carefully review this note regarding planning for the 2017 Annual
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting from December 11th-15th,
2017, in New Orleans, LA.

Conference registration for the 2017 AGU meeting opens mid-August.
Considering the importance of this conference to NOAA's mission, we plan to
request Departmental approval for approximately the same number of
attendees that participated in the 2016 AGU Conference.  Each Line Office
has the option to request the same number of seats that were approved last
year.  If you should need a list of your office's attendees from last year,
please let us know and we will be happy to send that to you.

In order for your name to be added to the list, you must use the google
spreadsheet, located *here
to add your cost estimates.  *Please be cautious when adding new names so
that you do not delete the entry before yours. *

Please take note of the per diem costs for New Orleans.  Since FY18 per
diem rates are not yet available, we will use FY 17 rates.  Lodging per
night is $156.00 and MI&E is $64.00.  The MI&E for the first and last
travel day should be reduced to 75%.   There also may be a reduction in
your per diem totals if there are meals included in the registration fee.

It is also important to note that if your travel start date is prior to
12/10/2015 – then you *must* state why you are traveling earlier.
Typically, if travelers are traveling domestically, NOAA gives you 1 day
ahead of the meeting start date to travel.  They will also allow for one
day at the end of the meeting to return home.  Since this meeting ends on
December 15th, you will have until the 16th to return home, unless you are
(1) on planned AL after the meeting has ended – and that must be indicated
on the travel order; or (2) you are continuing your travel for additional
official government business.

We also need to know why you are attending this year’s meeting.  Please be
sure to note that on the spreadsheet.  Also, try to be as detailed as
possible.  Please use the following criteria to help prioritize your
attendance request list by role at the meeting:

●      Officers of AGU (highest priority)

●      Keynote Speakers

●      Presenters (Oral or Poster)

●      Session Chairs or Co-Chairs

●      Instructors in courses or organizers of workshops being held at AGU

●      Honorees or Award Recipients

●      Attending meeting but not presenting (lowest priority)

In addition, we have included a tab within the spreadsheet to highlight
unique attendee roles that are not outlined above, such as exhibit/booth
support or program management review.  These roles are an important
component of our conference request package, so please provide as much
detail for all requested fields as possible.  The deadline for all line
offices to provide completed templates is *Friday,* *July 28th.*

Lastly, please send this note to anyone that may not be on the distribution

Thank you and please let us know (oar.group.travel at noaa.gov) if you have
any questions regarding the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting planning process.

The conference website can be accessed here:

Thank you,

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